Effective Soil Release & Bio-Based – First of Its Kind for Laundry Detergents

K.J. Mutch, F. Mazzeo

As more and more consumers look for environmentally friendly laundry products but demands for effective washing performance remain high, detergent producers face the dilemma of how to increase the renewable carbon content without compromising on stain removal, extended clothing life and fabric preservation.
To provide support in tackling these aspects, Clariant has focused on fulfilling the gap in the Home Care market for a renewable-based soil release polymer that performs. It introduces the first bio-based, non-synthetically sourced soil release polymer for liquid laundry detergents (INCI: nonionic polyester). TexCare® SRN 260 Life is based on non-tropical raw materials, with a Renewable Carbon index (RCI) of 80 %, and is readily biodegradable. Laboratory soil release and anti-deposition tests to evaluate performance and demonstrate effectiveness were conducted on synthetic-based fabrics. Those washed with liquid laundry detergent containing the novel soil release polymer came out up to six times cleaner than those washed with detergent only. It also prevented the redeposition of dirt during washing, which is the main culprit for graying, almost two times better than a standard detergent alone. The bio-based origin, and outstanding performance in soil release and in building a shield against stains provide unique support for more sustainable laundry products.


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