Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2011/2012, Hardcover

The Green Book of Cosmetics

Fundamentals for Natural and Sustainable Products
Natural Emollients, Emulsifi ers and Surfactants
Natural Polymeres
Natural Preservative Sytems
Tailormade Analytic
Natural Active Ingredients, Stem Cell Technology and Carrier Systems 

The area of near-natural cosmetics developed as a market segment that abandons single synthetic raw material groups or uses more frequently plant derived, renewable raw materials and claims it. This near-natural cosmetic dominated the term natural cosmetic for many years. In recent years a natural cosmetic direction developed that compulsory stipulated the use of natural ingredients and differentiated from the traditional cosmetic by specifi c certifi cations. In the natural cosmetic market credibility and authenticity decides about market success. Natural cosmetic was again a growing market segment and could demonstrate a substantive turnover increase. Germany is the biggest market in Europe with a sales volume of 795 Mio. Euro (Source: Naturkosmetik Jahrbuch 2011).
And what happens to traditional cosmetics? The traditional cosmetic is still the main body of the whole cosmetic market and includes luxury and mass market cosmetics likewise. The wide field of traditional cosmetic products covers all approved raw materials of the cosmetic legislation. Claims are often taken from themes of near-natural-cosmetics. The »green book of cosmetics« demonstrates that from the green idea of natural cosmetics a whole package of renewable raw materials, sustainable primary products, energy effi cient production and traceability of raw materials developed. The mix of tradition and nature can be found in the attractive formulation part, the well known company index and the supplier profi les. Many creative and innovative ideas arise from the trend to use natural materials, including all processes around from the sourcing of the ingredients up to the customer’s purchase.

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