Modular Retard System for Surface Cleaning

F.K. Brunecker, T. Seitz, A. Schirmer, J. Leipold

We introduce a new gel-like cleansing agent based on hydrophobic oil gels. These preparations adhere to the surface and are removed only by the combination of mechanics and solvents. Thus, the ingredients are applied locally targeted and distributed evenly over time, which spares material as well as resources and leads to a superior stain removal. The solubility and viscosity of the system is adjustable by small changes within the formulation. Since the hydrophobic gels are chemically inert, almost all active ingredients like surfactants, bleaches, acids, bases, enzymes or solvents can be incorporated in high concentrations.
In particular, incompatibilities between cleaning agents may be avoided. For instance, a low pH value can be locally stabilized in alkaline washing liquors in order to remove acid-sensitive soiling.


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