High Performance Mineral Builders for Sustainable Powder Detergents

S. Mouzon, J. Ferrary

Although the consumer trends or the phosphate ban present
real challenges for the formulation of premium laundry or
automatic dishwashing detergents, the market offers sustainable
and efficient alternatives. Seqens mineral builders (under
trade name: Nabion™) enable the design of powder detergents
matching the performances of past STPP based products.
Thanks to their high capacity of calcium uptake, Seqens mineral
builders prevent from mineral deposit during the washing. The
performances of the builders were investigated in automatic
dishwashing applications with the IKW test methods. The results
indicate a high decrease of the spotting and filming on
glassware. As alkalinity providers, Seqens mineral builders play
a key function to remove stains and soils, while leading to a very
low level of glass corrosion or colour fading, which was demonstrated
with a test on standard AISE colour fabrics.
Seqens mineral builder have an excellent sustainability and safety
profile. As minerals, they are safe for the environment and
fauna with no bioaccumulation. Thanks to their labelling, they
are registered in the Ecocert database for detergents and can
be used in several applications under ecolabels such as the EU
Flower or the Nordic Swan.


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