sofw journal 1/2-2011

H. Drees, K. Henning
Psychologische Aspekte der Sensorik
P. Jame, H. Casablanca, M. Batteau, P. Goetinck, S. Guibert, R. Watts
Determination of Squalane Origin in Commercial Cosmetic Creams Using Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry 
K. Godlewska, W.S. Brud, A. Jonczyk
Heather and Elder – A Potential Source of Fragrant Substances 
Y.M. Dong, D.Y. Tang, H. Meng, C.F. He, H. Zhao
Application of the Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Technology to Cosmetics 
A. Laschewsky
Smart Ingredients for Aqueous Formulations: Facts and Fancy
V. Séjourné, S. Dworak, S. Nissen
The A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning and its Recent Update
ICADA-Arbeitsgruppe »Sicherheitsbewertung«: Erleichterung bei der Sicherheitsbewertung Öffentliche Anhörung der ICADA-Beiträge zur Leitlinie »insbesondere für KMU«
SEPAWA Newsletter
F. Schambil
Neuere Entwicklungen aus der Kosmetik und beim industriellen Reinigen 
2nd Skin Physiology International Meeting – SPIM
Neue Rohstoffe
Sucragel – Zuckerester in einer anwenderfreundlichen Form 
Lipigenine™ – A Biofunctional Targeting Epidermal Lipd Synthesis
Matrixyl® Synthe’6™ Fills in Wrinkles from the Inside Both on the Forehead and the Crow’s Feet
NATURECARE Regenerating Shampoo
NaturalCream with NatraGem E145 
NATURECARE – Soft & Supple Body Cream
Silky Smooth Everday Tinted Moisturiser 
10th ISCD International Congress May 30 to June 1, 2011, Shenyang, China
PCHi 2011 February 22 - 24, 2011, Shenzhen, China
Fernstudium »Europäisches Umweltrecht« 
5th International Consumer Sciences Research Conference »Consumer ehaviour for a Sustainable Future«
18.-20 Juli 2011, Bonn
Social Entrepreneurship Project for the Seaweed Center Zanzibar 
IMCD Group Strengthens Parntership with BASF 
Lubrizol Acquires Nalco Personal Care Business
Gattefossé Launches its New Website 
Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. Hires Angie Inouye as Director of Business Development 
Azelis: Re-branding of all its Companies into »one Azelis« 
DSM to Acquire Martek
Clariant Leads Way in REACh Phast one and Phase Two Legislation
SEPAWA Nachrichten: Horst Jung verstorben 
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