sofw journal 11-2010

J. Lademann, H.-J. Weigmann, S. Schanzer, M. Meinke, W. Sterry, A. Patzelt
Analysis of the Penetration of Topically Applied Substances into the Human Skin
G. Dell’Acqua, K. Schweikert, G. Calloni
Stimulating and Protecting Skin Immunity to Decrease UV-Induced Skin Erythema
J.W. Fluhr, R. Darlenski
Development of Skin Models – Sensitive Skin 
M. Mateu, E. Cañadas, J. Cebrián, C. Carreño, N. Almiñana, R. Delgado
A New Tetrapeptide for Elasticity and Tightness Enhancement 
Y. Kamath, V. Gode, N. Bhalla, B. Kalghatgi, S. Mhaskar
Effect of Grooming Practices on Physical Characteristics of Hair
S. Subramanian, A, Wingenfeld
Fragrance Ingredients with Growth Inhibiting Activity
L. Cattuzzato, C. Sanchez, A. De Pooter, M. Puginier, S. Dumont
Complementary In Vitro Models to Investigate the Mode of Action of Active Ingredients on the Protection of Extracted Epidermal Stem Cells Against Different Types of Stresses
M. Gast
Revision der EU-Umweltzeichen für Wasch- und Reinigungsmittel 
P. Morganti, Yuan-Hong Li
Wellness and Beauty Outside in: China West – Working Together 
SEPAWA Newsletter
F. Schambil
Sensorik – Kosmetik mit den Sinnen erleben
Neue Rohstoffe
Dr. Straetmans is Launching a Range of Natural Ingredients 
Celligent® and DEFENSIL® Protect Epidermal Stem Cells
A New Ecological Range of Cleaning Products
Kelisoft™ – A Hair Growth Minimiser for Beards and Underarms
40 Cognis Produkte mit dem NaTrue-Label zertifiziert
To Regulate the Level of Tolerance and the Long-Term Balance of the Skin – Soothing
Scientific Data on Skin Penetration Behavior of PARSOL® SLX
DURAGREEN™ 135 Polymer – First Zinc-free Technology for Household Floor Care Market
LIGHTEN UP – Skin Color Refining Wipes
Azelis Appoints Benoit Fritz as Principals Development Director
Formulae and Dossiers Online on Internet
Gattefossé Announces New GMP Certification for its Cosmetic Operations
Shastry Appointed Technology Manager for Arizona Chemical
Aqua Bio Technology: Sales Agreement
Gerschon: Mehr Service durch Webvideo und Online-Aktionen 
Waschmittel – Chemie, Umwelt, Nachhaltigkeit
Prüfungsbuch für Chemielaboranten 
Fachbegriffe für Chemielaboranten
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