Autor B. Hubbard, P. Delrieu, T. Tabakman
Journal Ausgabe sofw journal 12-2018


The global Pearlescent Pigment market is poised to grow strong during the forecast period 2018 to 2027 [1]. This high demand is in part a result of the ever increasing number of products for the face and body beauty industry; the largest growing trend in color cosmetics is to make the face and body look younger and healthier using illuminating Special Effect Pigments.

This article describes a study that was conducted to determine which type of Special Effect Pigment is best suited to provide skin illumination. An oil-in-water emulsion was prepared and, keeping the emulsion base the same, three formulations were made with each formula containing a specific Pearlescent Pigment type. Formulas were then subjected to both instrumental and consumer perceived analysis to determine which type of Special Effect Pigment provides the optimum effect for skin illumination.

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