Active Ingredients

Natürliches Astaxanthin und seine Wirkung in kosmetischen Anwendungen
Neue Daten bestätigen Wirksamkeit von SymReboot™ L19, der probiotischen Lösung für gesunde Kopfhaut in Shampoos
New Data Underlines Efficacy of Symrise SymReboot™ L19 as a Processed-probiotic Scalp Solution in Shampoo
New Partnership Between Laboratoires ERIGER and RAHN
NovoRetin™ in-cosmetics Asia Gold Award Win
Pacify and Re-Energize. Clariant Active Ingredients Unveils a Breakthrough Skin Cell Revitalizer and an Unparalleled Microbiota-friendly Scalp Soother
Polytrade Global GmbH Takes Over the Exclusive Distribution of the Patented Carrier Systems SopharTops
Polytrade Global GmbH übernimmt den exklusiven Vertrieb des patentierten Trägersystems SopharTops
Powerful, Natural and Responsibly Sourced in the Amazon: Clariant’s Beracare™ CBA
Presentation | The hair follicle as a major penetration route for topically applied active ingredients
Presentation | Three Actives. Three Technologies. Three Stresses. One Essence.
Provital Unveils New Corporate Identity, Proudly Showcasing its Commitment to Caring (Do Care), a Value More Valid Now than Ever
Provital’s Active Ingredients, Wonderage™ and Senseryn™, Awarded in 2021 BSB Innovation Awards
Provital’s Project in Mexico - A Decade-long Purpose Towards a Fair Future and a Sustainable Cosmetics World
Sacred Patch®: BASF Launches New Skin Care Active Ingredient that Helps Boost Emotional Well-being
Sacred Patch®: BASF präsentiert neuen Hautpflege-Wirkstoff für ein verbessertes emotionales Wohlbefinden
Sederma: BIONT™ Healing the Holobiont for a Blemish-banned, Smooth and Healthy Skin
Sederma: FEMINAGE™ Remodelling Contours - Redefining Femininity
Sederma: SYNCHROLIFE™ Resynchronises Cellular Life to Uplift Skin Beauty and Wellbeing
Sederma: SYNCHROLIFE™ Resynchronises Cellular Life to Uplift Skin Beauty and Wellbeing (2)
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