Active Ingredients

Discover Innovation
Discover Innovation
Dreimal Platz 1: BASF erhält BSB-Innovationspreise für Emollient Jockey, Lamesoft® Balance und PeptAIde™ 4.0
Ecovadis Platinum, a Step Further in Vytrus Biotech's Sustainable Trajectory
Ener-GY Plus: the New Active Ingredient for a Smiling Skin from ROELMI HPC
Evonik Acquires US Based Phytochemical Company Wilshire Technologies Inc.
Evonik Establishes a New Institute Dedicated to Skin Sciences: The Evonik Skin Institute
Evonik Expands Bio-based Portfolio of Active Ingredients to Meet Growing Demand for Sustainable Cosmetic and Personal Care Products
Evonik Strengthens its Biosolutions Offering with New Botanicals & Natural Actives Business Segment
EXPANSCIENCE - Our Unique Expertise for Cleaner Ingredients!
Fermentation, the Answer for Sustainable Cosmetics
Fermentation, the Answer for Sustainable Cosmetics
Geballte Expertise für nachhaltige Reinigungs- und Körperpflegemittel-Formulierungen
Givaudan Active Beauty Boosts Well-ageing with Launch of Siliphos®
Givaudan Active Beauty Explores New Avenues with Vegetal by Llaunching K-phyto™ [SC] Camellia and K-phyto™ [PP] GHK
Givaudan Active Beauty Introduces Centella CAST, an Active Cosmetic Ingredient that Naturally Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks
Givaudan Active Beauty lanciert SynchronightTM
Givaudan Active Beauty lanciert SynchronightTM (Video)
Givaudan Active Beauty Launches New Purple 2364, a Vibrant and Sustainable Vegan Pigment for Make-up
Givaudan Active Beauty Launches PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+], a Novel Hyaluronic Acid that Redefines the Hydration Gold Standard
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