Rely+On Virkon von LANXESS auch wirksam bei Vernebelungsverfahren
Rely+On Virkon from LANXESS Found to be Effective in Airborne Room Disinfection
ACI, CBC Unveil Informational Resources on Quats, A Valuable Ingredient in Many Common Disinfectants
Clariant Starts Monthly Production of 2 Million Liters of Disinfectant in Gendorf to Support Vital Institutions During COVID-19 Outbreak
Corbion Further Boosts Lactic Acid Capacity Through Concurrent Expansion Projects
Corbion to Expand Lactic Acid Capacity in North America
Disinfecting Agent with Virucidal and Antiseptic Properties Based on Alcohol and Phosphonate
Disinfection Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Effective Chemistry in the Fight against a Global Viral Danger
Henkel Donates Around 50,000 Liters of Disinfectant
Interview with Esther Lansdaal, Senior Application Specialist Home and Personal Care, Corbion
Interview with Esther Lansdaal, Senior Application Specialist Home and Personal Care, Corbion
Jungbunzlauer Looking into Building a Lactic Acid Plant in Canada
LANXESS Completes Acquisition of IFF’s Microbial Control Business
LANXESS schließt Übernahme des Microbial-Control-Geschäfts von IFF ab
Nature’s Preservative and Protector Formulated to Tackle Today’s Disinfecting Demands
Nouryon Introduces Triameen® Y12D Antimicrobial Active for Advanced Disinfection in the US Cleaning Market
Red River Biorefinery Now Producing Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Ethanol for Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectants
Rely+On Virkon from LANXESS Effective against Monkeypox Virus
Rely+On Virkon von LANXESS tötet Erreger des Affenpocken-Virus ab
Virucidal Activity of Jungbunzlauer L(+)-Lactic Acid
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