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BASF Strengthens Detergent Enzyme Technology by Expanding its Lavergy® Enzyme Product Line
BASF Strengthens its Global Production Footprint for Enzymes
BASF Strengthens Market Position for Optical Brighteners
Bedeutung der neuen Chelatbildner GLDA und MGDA für den Wasch- und Reinigungsprozess
Beyond “99.9%” Claims: Novozymes Launches Probiotic Solution in Cleaning
Biesterfeld and DuPont Expand their Distribution Partnership for Textile Enzymes
Biesterfeld and Holiferm Enter into Distribution Agreement on Biosurfactants for the Personal Care and Cleaning Segments
Biesterfeld erhält Vertriebsrechte für Luftreiniger- und Oberflächenpflegeprodukte von Prebona AB (Schweden)
Biesterfeld Receives Distribution Rights for Air Cleaning and Surface Care Products by Prebona AB (Sweden)
Biesterfeld Receives Further Distribution Rights for Kalaguard® SB
Biesterfeld und DuPont erweitern ihre Vertriebspartnerschaft im Bereich der Textilenzyme
Biesterfeld und Holiferm treffen Vertriebsvereinbarung für Biotenside in den Segmenten Körperpflege und Reinigungsmittel
Bio-based and Climate Friendly: Clariant’s New Addition to the TexCare® Detergent Polymer Line
Bio-based and Climate Friendly: Clariant’s New Addition to the TexCare® Detergent Polymer Line (2)
Bio-based preservation of home care formulations with Lactic Acid
BYK: Home Care Additive PURABYK-P 5540 for Soft Clothes without Separate Softener
BYK: Home Care-Additiv PURABYK-P 5540 für weiche W sche ohne separaten Weichspüler
Carpet Stain Remover with Odour Neutraliser
ChemQuest Promotes Edye Fox Abrams to Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, to Capture Strategic Opportunity and Growth for Existing and New Segments
Chemyunion Inc. Celebrates 5 Years of Outstanding Growth in the USA
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