Skin Care

Givaudan Active Beauty Presents Sericoside to Offer Skin a Second Youth through Cellular Reprogramming
Givaudan Active Beauty Reshapes The Face of Beauty for Generation Z with “My Blue Guard High Defence”
Givaudan Active Beauty Tackles Oily Skin Issues and Outperforms Retinoic Acid with Mangixyl™
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils #BeautyBoosters, a Botanical Beauty Collection Bringing Smooth and Glowing Skin to Consumers
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils Chronoglow™: When A.I. and Biomimetic Epigenetics Make Skin Radiance Go 3D
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils Nootropics, a Collection of Six Mind-boosting Botanicals for Happier and Healthier Skin
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils RitualEssenz™ Brazil, a New Botanical Extract Collection Rooted in Brazilian Biodiversity
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils Zanthalene , the Scalable Active Able to Mimic Botox Properties to Combat Wrinkles and Skin Discomfort
Givaudan lanciert mit Koffee’UpTM ein neues, nachhaltiges Schönheitselixir aus aufbereitetem Arabica-Kaffee
Givaudan Launches Koffee’Up™, a New Sustainable Beauty Elixir Crafted from Upcycled Arabica Coffee
Givaudan übernimmt 25% der Unternehmensanteile von b.kolormakeup & skincare, Ausbau der Fähigkeiten des Geschäfts Riechstoffe & Schönheit
Glow Dream Mask
Gold Drop – Luminizing Aqueous Serum
Gorgeous-U Juicy Body Mousse
Greek Mountain Tea for Beauty Sleep and Night-Time Recovery
Green Apple Gently Scrub
GREENTECH Innovative Active Ingredients to Limit the Mask-related Skin Reactions
Griechischer Bergtee – Regeneration und Schönheitsschlaf für die Haut
Growth in Natural Diols: Cosphatec Launches Cosphaderm® Heptiol Natural and Cosphaderm® Octiol Natural
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