Skin Care

An Eco-conscious Active Meeting the Specific Beauty Concerns of Olive Complexions
Androgenetic Alopecia: Microbiota Landscape and Role of Lindera strychnifolia Roots Extract as a Natural Solution for Hair Loss
Anti-Cellulite Treatment Cream
Anti-Pollution Mask
ASGP – Superdispersible Natural Origin Hybrid Treatment
Ashland Launches santalwood™ Biofunctional
Ashland Launches Sensidin™ Pure Skin Multifunctional, a New Deodorant Active for Strong and Fast Efficacy Against Odor-causing Bacteria
Ashland Revealed Natural, Nature-derived and Biodegradable Personal Care Solutions, and Nature-positive STEM Education Program for Village Farmers in India during in-cosmetics
Ashland Rosaliss™ Biofunctional Blossoms in May with New Clinical Study Data
Ashland Unlocks the Secret of Skin at Night, so Skin Awakens Re-set for the Day Ahead
Ashland’s Nature-derived, Novel Sensorial Formulations Boost the At-home Pamper Trend with the New ‘Dreamy Textures’ Skin Care Collection
AstaCos® Body Astaxanthin Care
AstaCos® Face Astaxanthin Glow
AstaCos® Face Astaxanthin Hydrate
AstaCos® Face Astaxanthin Intense
AstaCos® Face Astaxanthin Refresh
AstaCos® Hand Astaxanthin Revitalise
AstaCos® Lip Astaxanthin Protect
Astaxanthin – the Red Diamond Amongst Antioxidants. A Powerful Ingredient to Support a Radiant and Healthy Skin
Authentic Beauty: Restoring the Biotic Balance of Blemish-Prone Skin
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