A Swiss Glacier Bacterium to Vitalize Tired Skin

C. Pickel, F. Wandrey, D. Schmid, B. Henes, F. Zülli

Today’s society is characterized by demanding jobs, long working hours and an increasingly hectic lifestyle, which frequently results in a lack of sleep. 
This is often markedly reflected on the skin by a tired appearance of the face. Recent research showed that also on the molecular level, lack of sleep causes stress and leads to premature aging. 
A major stress mechanism, the unfolded protein response (UPR) of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), gets compromised by sleep deprivation, leading to the accumulation of misfolded proteins which damage the cell.
To target this novel cellular aging mechanism, an extract of the
psychrotolerant Swiss glacier bacterium Iodobacter ssp. was developed and analyzed for its efficacy to reduce ER stress and visible and visible signs of tiredness.
Treatment of aged fibroblasts with the extract led to an increase in the expression of ER chaperones which mediate the UPR and energized cells through an increase of ATP levels in a cellular model of sleep deprivation. 
Placebo-controlled randomized clinical studies conducted with sleep-deprived and overworked volunteers demonstrated that treatment with the Iodobacter-derived active ingredient IceAwake™
improved several skin parameters associated with skin aging, leading to a vitalized and rejuvenated appearance.
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