Sustainable Solutions for Hair Care

M. Franzke, B. Kroon, T. Nuutinen, E.-J. de Feij, L. Kulcsar, X. Qu, C. Alonso, D. Streuli, A. Luschen, P. Antonopoulos

Sustainability is an area which is permanently growing in importance. Therefore, there is also a growing demand for environmentally conscious cosmetic products.
The current article summarizes a series of solutions for hair care that fit this market need applying different concepts.
A snapshot of varying hair care formulation concepts – shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling – with different strategies to help improve sustainability profiles for the different product types is presented.
Examples include cellulose derivatives that help to reduce raw material use like surfactants in shampoos or conditioners while maintaining the original level of performance.
Guar derivatives improve deposition of natural oil or anti dandruff actives on hair and scalp thus optimizing the benefits of such ingredients. Biodegradable guars can also be used in styling products creating high performing systems, with long-lasting hold.
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