A Natural-based 360° Approach for Optimized Sunscreen Formulations

M. Issleib, L. Jung, M. König, J. Claus, W. Johncock, M. Busch

Consumers expect from their sunscreen products not only highly effective protection from UV rays, optimal water resistance,
formulation stability and at the same time a light and dry skin feel. The rising environmental awareness also leads to a higher
demand for responsibly sourced and sustainable ingredients.
The formulator’s dilemma is to find sustainably sourced alternatives to ingredients that are under scrutiny such as SPF-boosters,film formers and other typically synthetic or silicone-derived raw materials used in sunscreens – without compromise in the formulation performance, stability and skin feel.
Here we describe a multifunctional blend that is unique in its natural and holistic approach to the multiple challenges of formulating modern sunscreen products. It can effectively enhance the efficiency of the used UV-filters, improve the water resistance and formulation stability, and has a beneficial impact on the skin feel of the emulsions. Based on responsibly sourced raw materials, it is the next step towards a higher degree of sustainability and naturalness in sun protection cosmetics.
14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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