How Polyurethane Film Formers Can Help Reduce the Impact on the Environment whilst Keeping Sun Protection High

S. Viala, A. Wulfinghoff, Y. Berezkin

The consumer demand for environmentally friendly personal care products has grown dramatically in recent years.
The Sun Care industry, in particular, is under pressure to develop ocean-friendly formulations. Covestro has developed a holistic approach to its sustainability program that addresses the entire value chain from raw materials to the end of life.
For sun care formulations, Covestro offers an eco-friendly film former, Polyurethane-34 (Baycusan® C 1000), that is suitable for formulating environmentally safe and sustainable products with high performance.
In this paper, results of the biodegradability study and the advantages of Polyurethane-34 in sun care formulations will be
discussed. An approach to develop environmentally friendly sun care products based on selected organic UV-filters will be proposed.
An effective sun protection formula was developed. This formula exhibits a high SPF value, is water resistant and offers
a lightweight feel on skin. Most importantly, these formulations are ocean-friendly and compliant with global regulations.
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