Anti-odor Properties of Sodium Bicarbonate Assessed by Sensory Evaluation

S. Mouzon, J. Perez

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about the safety and carcinogenicity of some components used as antiperspirants inside deodorant formulas, for instance aluminum salts [1]. The consumers are searching for a smooth alternative to this kind of ingredients that would not impede perspiration.
SEQENS Mineral Specialties carried out a sensory analysis to compare the anti-odor efficacy of three different formulas of roll-on deodorants: one with sodium bicarbonate, one with anti-odor active and one with placebo. 24 subjects have participated in the study and a trained jury of five people has assessed the perspiration smell intensity, and the hedonic value of the smell 8 and 12 hours after the standardized application. Furthermore, the formulas were hidden (masked review). This study allows to prove scientifically that sodium bicarbonate has efficient anti-odor properties and can be an alternative to antiperspirants for the formulation of deodorants.
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