Effect Pigments with Customized Performance for Cosmetics

K. Mogare, T. Navale, F. Mazzella, M. Lergenmüller

In Effect pigments based on natural mica as well as on synthetically prepared substrates such as Synthetic mica, or Silica, Alumina or Borosilicates (Glass flakes), the surface area/particle size plays a crucial role in tailoring effect pigments with desired properties in cosmetic applications. With two pigment series, Sumicos™ HG (“high-gloss”) Line and Prestige® Glow and Glam Line, we have recently build-up a technology to create new effect pigments that provide better chroma, color purity and sparkle in comparison to the conventional effect pigments. The article describes the science behind creating these effect pigments with improved reflectance.
14,02 € each

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