Exploring Sustainability Claims: Biodegradable Fragrances

Stampa Alberto, Pájaro Marta

With consumers increasingly concerned about sustainability, and new claims constantly arriving on the market, Kao Chemicals Europe investigates what should be taken into account to create a biodegradable fragrance. The differences between anaerobic and aerobic biodegradation are stated, as well as the different aerobic biodegradation methods that can be used and the classification according to the results of this test. The OECD Ready Biodegradability tests are explained in more detail to better understand how to determine the biodegradation of a substance. After all of this, it is explored when a fragrance can be considered biodegradable, although it is not currently implemented at a legislative and mandatory level, and what should be done to pursue and push this kind of claim into the market. Finally, some actions taken in the regulatory field regarding the biodegradation topic in personal care and home care formulations are outlined to exemplify how this type of claim is gaining momentum.

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