100% Natural Ingredients for Full, Shiny or Grey Hair - the Trends of the Moment

Petra Schlegel, Senior Business Development Manager
Greentech Germany

Natural active ingredients for hair care are in ever increasing demand. Which trends do you think will be groundbreaking in hair care in the coming years?

Hair means a lot to consumers! It enables people to express themselves and is an expression of personality. It can change our mood and redefine our identity!

Our new active ingredients combine both naturalness and effectiveness at the same time. Today's consumers demand products that are free from chemicals and are environmentally friendly, yet there is still a desire for cosmetics with visible effects and a noticeably good feeling on skin and hair.

With this knowledge in mind, we have developed three active ingredients covering the three main aspects of hair: density, shine and greying.

  1. From the age of 50 onwards, up to 50% of men and 25% of women are affected by slow, involuntary hair loss caused by an imbalance in the hair growth cycle.

    Thinning hair is uncomfortable and can affect self-confidence. When the active growth phase or the anagen phase of the hair is reduced, the hair follicles produce shorter, thinner and less visible hair. This leads to thinning hair. If the anagen phase stops entirely, the affected follicles will cease hair production completely, resulting in hair loss.

    The scalp favours different types of microorganisms, which have hardly been researched so far. In a metagenomic study, GREENTECH has now investigated the disruptive influence of bacteria and fungi on hair loss.

    The analysis confirmed that the micro and mycobioma of the scalp of men suffering from alopecia is different from a normal scalp. Applied over a period of three months at a concentration of 1%, HAIRILINE® visibly and significantly increased hair growth. In addition, the sensitive microbiome has been restored to its natural balance.

    The excellent effectiveness of HAIRILINE® is based on the terpenes and polyphenols contained in the roots of Linderia strychnifolia, which is known from traditional Chinese medicine.

    With HAIRILINE® we offer a new natural solution for products that aim to control hair loss by acting on the microbiome of the scalp. The volunteers have visibly thicker and more resistant hair.

  2. Shine is one of the most important criteria for healthy hair. Unfortunately, the hair sometimes lacks shine if, for example, the cuticle layer is damaged by UV radiation, chlorine or air pollution. In such cases, hardly any light is reflected and the hair appears dull and lifeless. The technology of ZORYALYS® is based on the natural structure of the hair and contains lipids similar to those of the hair. Numerous studies have proven that ZORYALYS® offers effective protection against UV radiation, but also against pollutants from the air. Oxidative damage caused by carbonylation of hair proteins has also been reduced, and broken disulfide bridges have been repaired. 

    ZORYALYS® is a combination of specialised active ingredients: Pracaxi oil makes hair shiny and healthy, Honokiol and Magnolol from the magnolia bark make the hair smoother and more supple. Finally, gingerols and 6-shogaol from the ginger root inhibit free radicals.

    ZORYALYS® works inside the hair, repairing structural damage instead of just filling it up. The result is shiny, completely healthy hair full of vitality.

  3. A strong hair colour is a symbol of youthful appearance, while grey hair makes people look about 4 years older. For men, dark hair is a sign of vitality, while grey hair can have a negative effect on a person’s self-esteem.

    ARCOLYS® is an active ingredient inspired by skin care, which rejuvenates the scalp. ARCOLYS® individually counteracts the signs of scalp ageing and the associated reduced melanin production and promotes re-pigmented hair.

    ARCOLYS® is a natural active ingredient that stops the underlying mechanisms of greying through pro-melanogenetic activity. It contains Picrosid II, which is extracted from the roots of a plant known from Ayurveda. 

This year, in addition to launching some groundbreaking hair care products, you have also celebrated 10 years at your Starnberg site. Can you still remember how it all began for you?

Yes, very well, of course. GREENTECH has grown rapidly in recent years, with subsidiaries and distributors worldwide. The product portfolio has also been constantly expanded. With the founding of Greentech GmbH in 2010, the focus was placed on the German-speaking cosmetics market. Today we serve almost 300 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Topics such as sustainability, careful use of natural resources, as well as fair trade, are of increasing importance and offer an inexhaustible potential for the future. 

Last but not least, of course, we want to use the 10th anniversary as an opportunity to look ahead: What changes and challenges can be expected in the near future?

At the moment as well as in the coming years, we are concerned with two major topics:

Responsible beauty and the microbiome of skin and scalp.

All our new developments support the claims "100% natural ingredients" and "clean beauty". The Greentech Group has been committed to the research of plants as a source of innovation for over 25 years. Naturalness and sustainability are the pillars of our product policy. We focus on establishing supply chains that guarantee local producers a fair income. Our raw materials are "sourced" in a transparent, ethical and sustainable way, all in line with the development of fair trade and respect for local workers. For us, this means that we create sustainable environmental and social conditions while striving for increasingly efficient production.

To further explore the microbiome, we have recently made strategic investments in our subsidiary BIOVITIS, which specialises in researching the microbiome of skin and scalp.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

You’re welcome!

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