Clariant Active Ingredients, Inspired by Japanese Beauty, Brings a Sense of “Zenspiration” with 3 Concept Formulations

Interview with Charlotte Stricane, Senior Application Development Manager
Clariant Active Ingredients

Clariant Active Ingredients has Introduced a new Japanese beauty-inspired formulation concept named Zenspiration recently. What does Zenspiration stand for?

Zenspiration encompasses several ideas. It first illustrates the inspiration coming from Zen Japanese aesthetic principles that were at the core of the development of the concept. It also stands for the renewed aspirations for simpler and quieter times of consumers globally, leading them to streamlined yet multifunctional cosmetic products. Finally, it is an invite to take a deep breath, as the French word for “inhale” is “inspiration”.

With “Zenspiration” Clariant promotes three formulations. Which are they?

Zenspiration was developed around three zen principles the team believed to be key to Japanese Beauty philosophy. Each was illustrated with a formulation designed for sensorial excellence and substantiated active efficacy.

The Datsuzoku energizing water cream delivers the replenishing powers of Rootness™ Energize. This formulation also supports full hydration and helps prevent premature aging with Epseama™, HerbCool and Waterin Plus. Leaving a silky soft finish thanks to specialty polymers and natural starches, it is your best ally to rise above daily stresses of life.

The Kanso simply rebalancing scalp serum is a minimalistic formula containing only 16 ingredients. This toner is built around EquiScalp™, rebalancing sebum production while being mild to the scalp’s microbiota. It also combines the soothing benefits of Eosidin® and the resynchronising properties of B-Circadin™, while having a fast-drying time and leaving no residue on the scalp.

The Shibui on-the-glow solid serum was formulated in a practical stick. The serum reveals, application after application, its true powers of soothing with Calmyang Wax and skin tone uniformization with Alpha-Melight, bringing newly found appreciation for natural beauty. Its oily nature is elegantly balanced by absorbing powders, perfecting skin’s healthy glow in the simplest application movement. 

Can you explain the meaning these three principles?

Datsuzoku - The word meaning revolves around being enlightened and above daily matters. It involves a transcendence of conventional ideas and traditional usage. 

“Rising above daily routine or the ordinary”, “enlightened to the true meaning of life”, “unworldly”, “soft-spoken”, or even “transcending the conventional” could also be accurate translations.

This principle describes the feeling of serenity and happiness when one realizes the daily stresses of life are irrelevant to one’s true self.

Kanso - The word relates to basic simplicity and the elimination of the ornate. Things expressing simplicity are by their nature truthful and reserved. Kanso involves a sense of cleanliness or freshness and goes alongside the elimination of clutter. It reminds us to think not in terms of decoration but in terms of clarity, a kind of clarity that may be achieved through omission of the non-essential. 

Shibui - Beautiful simplicity perceivable through time and experience. Elegant simplicity is often missed by the untrained eye and can be defined as subtle and unobtrusive beauty. It balances the complexity of simplicity and requires time to be recognized and appreciated. Direct or used in simple ways without being flashy, one does not tire of a Shibui object but constantly finds new meanings and enriched beauty. As a result, its aesthetic value grows over the years.  

How do you reach your clients with innovations in times of Corona?

First, we rely on our network of Salesforces and sales partners to be in regular contact with our customers. They are on the front line of sharing innovation Clariant has to offer.

As a supporting effort, we also organize virtual customer seminars and dedicated online meetings, sending concept samples when relevant and involving technical experts when necessary.

And last but not least, we rely also on the specialized press to relay articles about our new technologies or to discuss our newest formulation concepts.

Do you think that there will be a return of large international events?

We have to believe we will find a new normal or a next normal where large crowds will be able to interact safely. In the meantime, we have to remain at the forefront of digital communication and reinvent those events with more interactive digital content, more virtual meeting rooms or AR award ceremonies for example.

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