Cosmetic Trends with Special Interests

Interview with Dr Mohammad Baghaei, Cosmetic Scientist, President
Middle Eastern Countries Society of Cosmetic Chemists (MECSCC)

Dr. Baghaei, what – in your opinion – makes cosmetic products important in our daily life?

The use of cosmetic products can improve our mood, our appearance and increase our self-esteem.

According to one researcher, more than 60% of people believe that cosmetics has a positive effect on maintaining health, appearance, confidence and mood and more than 40% of them believe that these products have been effective in their social life, family and professional relationships.

More than 88% of the people surveyed in Europe find it hard to live without using cosmetics.

You have recently introduced a new category of cosmetic ingredients called emotional ingredients.

What are emotional ingredients?

Some experts refer to this ingredients as experiential material, but I am interested in using the name emotional ingredients for them.

These ingredients create a pleasant sensation even in small concentration and the consumer is emotionally attached to the product in question.

Perhaps the aroma , fragrance or essential oils have such an effect  and sometimes the use of a small amount of emollients or a combination of them.

Sometimes a combination of two or more oils, moisturizing agents or a small amount of a cationic Polymer can create such a sensation.

What do you think can emotional ingredients can achieve for a cosmetic product?

It gives prestige to the cosmetic products, creates a competitive advantage and a strong customer binding. The use of cosmetic products can help improve our mood, our appearance and increase our self-esteem.

You are very much interested and experienced in Halal Cosmetic. How does the principle of emotional ingredients apply to Halal?

Cosmetic science does not stand up for the moment and is always in line with meeting consumers'  needs, recognizing the demands of tomorrow.

When a person has specific beliefs and lives based on his beliefs, it should be able to use cosmetic products with a good feeling. This is how halal cosmetics are introduced into the marketplace. For Muslim people halal products are important and create this emotional well-being.

How big the the Halal market in your opinion?

There are approximately 1.9 billion Muslims globally. It is estimated that by 2050 the number of Muslims worldwide will grow to 2.76 billion, or 29.7% of world’s population. The global halal cosmetics market reached a value of US$ 74.7 Billion in 2020. Looking forward, experts  expect  the market to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% during 2021-2026. 

What are your expectations and requirements for the Halal global market?

Today, I believe that the Halal cosmetics World, in order to remain stable, it should be based on three pillars: Safety, quality and originality.

Based on the progressive and eternal principles of Halal

Being considered as a life style, halal is not a seasonal fashion.

The world of Cosmetics formulation is full of innovation and artistic creativity.

This is how halal cosmetics are introduced into the global marketplace.

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