Interview with Ameann DeJohn

Founder & CEO
Media Lab Science

Ameann, your motto is:  BEAUTY + SCIENCE + MEDIA. How should we understand this?

Media Lab Science unites beauty and testing expertise together with content and LA Production and film to transform product testing results into relevant Social Content that Brands need in social media. 

What influenced your decision to create this? 

In the past Brands had to go to a clinical testing lab, photographer and video team to create the results that were needed for marketing. This was expensive for brands. Because of my experience as a product developer, esthetcian and Entreprenuer I saw the opportunity to update and advance how brands test their products with consumers, and then how we share that data with brands so the can have endless content to make it interesting to consumers. 

What do clients gain from your services for their brand? 

Depending on the services they choose, they gain immediately relevant, compelling, and interesting data and selfie video, professional photos and social content that is targeted to their target consumer as our recruiting, panels, are all conducted with the brand in mind. 

What are the methods you use to provide “a complete package”? 

We conduct traditional clinical and consumer perception studies and efficacy claims; before and after photo shoots and video testimonials. But here is where our similarity to competitor agencies ends. We utilize Hollywood film experts to create our video content, and because we are in LA, we have access to an extremely diverse consumer population for recruitment, which means our panels and subsequently our results are truly comprehensive and representative of all consumers, not just a specific slice. The participants are very comfortable on camera.

What are your plans for 2022 and beyond? 

We have a studio with bathroom sets and we are creating endless social content with selfies and marketing videos. Our goal is to work with every brand to give them the content and clinical testing they need but most importantly we want the brands to know that they own all the content that is created! Everyone needs Content which translates into everyone needs Media Lab Science. 

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