‘The essence of Well-being’

explained in interview with Ariadna Grau Campistany
R&D Manager LipoTrue

Ariadna, you have launched your Telessence concept recently. Can you briefly explain this concept?

Yes, we are very excited for this new launch. It’s the first time that we launch three active ingredients under one umbrella, the Telessence concept, the true essence of wellbeing. In other words, customers are looking to go beyond the “look good, feel good” concept, to truly feel well in their skin. In order, to bring this feeling into the cosmetics market LipoTrue has tapped into the core of a key player in this, stress, to offer a 360º solution to it. Stress can take many forms, from environmental, to physical or emotional stress. In LipoTrue we have developed three different active ingredients from three of our different technological platforms to target these three types of stresses. 

You address the three different classes of skin stress with three different actives. Which ones? 

For instance, extreme temperatures changes, such as air conditioning or extreme heat, produce an inflammaging cascade in our skin, which accelerate our biological aging. To combat this, Telessence Telmeric™ reduces this signaling and enables the skin to be more resilient in front of these changes, improving redness, rugosity and pore size. Telessence Mitelion™, is a botanical extract that presses the ON button of mitochondria to combat skin cells fatigue. At the end skin looks more recharged and less tired. And last but not least, we have developed Telessence Breeztel™ targeting emotional stress, which increases the levels of cortisol and P substance on the skin when we are emotionally stressed. 

What are the actives you use to combat the various stress? What is the origin of each one of them?

We can find an active ingredient from each of our technological platforms, a botanical extract, a marine ferment and a peptide. Telessence Telmeric™ for instance is a biomimetic peptide of turmeric, both structurally (turmerin) & functionally (curcumin), with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Telessence Mitelion™ combines the power of rosemary leaves and bilberry fruits to recharge skin cells energy by acting on mitochondria. Lastly, Telessence Breeztel™ is a marine ferment from a microorganism collected from the sea breeze in international waters near the Fiji Islands which acts on the negative effect of emotional stress in our skin.

What products can you formulate with those actives? 

These three actives can be used to target the three different types of stress according to each individual skin’s needs in all kind of skin care products, so formulators are welcome to try in any of their formulations, as they are all water-soluble solutions. But what is very interesting is that they can be combined to offer a 360º solution for a total wellbeing effect. We performed an additional in vivo test with the 3 actives in 1 single formulation, which aside from each active ingredient’s skin’s benefits it offered an overall total wellbeing sensation to its volunteers, increasing their positivity and energy. 

Do you have any sample formulations you would like to share with us?

Yes you can contact us directly or go on sofw.com/formulations.


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