Interview with Jean-Paul Janssens and Roel Hermant, Founders-Advisors at Frames Formulation Intelligence

Jean-Paul Janssens and Roel Hermant
Frames Formulation Intelligence

The article "Optimizing Your Resources for Market Intelligence and Product Development", published in SOFW journal January/February 2022, was awarded second place by the SOFW award jury. Congratulations!

What is the FRAMES Formulation Intelligence Platform?

It is a platform for home care products that is built on 3 pillars: market formulations, product intelligence and experimental support. Market formulations are provided through the FRAMES database. This provides online access to products on shelf with retailer info, product ingredients with assigned levels and cost, and manufacturer. Product intelligence is about market analyses with representative model formulations, new trends and materials or formulating better cost-performance.  Experimental support is involved with formulation sampling, product performance testing and chemical analyses, delivered through capable partners.  

How do you receive your data?

By efficient sourcing of public information, primarily by web-site scraping. We use artificial intelligence and our formulation expertise to assign levels to product ingredients.

What are the benefits and advantages for the user of your platform?

A unique competitiveness of the FRAMES database is the provision of on-shelf product formulations with ingredient levels and costs, in addition to the classical retailer info that can be obtained from existing market intelligence providers. The database make-up allows searching from both product and ingredient perspective, designed to accommodate brander, manufacturer and raw material suppliers’ interests. Another advantage of the platform is that it can provide more dedicated intelligence or various experimental support, in cases where public information and desk interpretation are insufficient to answer remaining questions.   

What are your goals for the future?

Our future goals are 
- become the preferred partner for Formulation Intelligence of Home & Personal care products
- cover 80+% of the homecare products sold on shelf with an updating frequency of every quarter
- geographical expansion to Global coverage

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