The Secret of a Fit Skin and Latest Novelties in Exosomes from Plant Biotechnology

speaking with Dr. Òscar Expósito
from Vytrus Biotech

Vytrus Biotech is renowned for pioneering plant stem cell technology applied to cosmetic science. This time, the biotech company embraces a novel approach to facial training  to rejuvenate the skin. What is your latest innovation about?

At Vytrus Biotech, we've harnessed the principles behind the physical transformation seen in athletes and culturists to develop skincare solutions that match the youthful vitality of the body with that of the face. Recognizing that regular exercise significantly sculpts and benefits the body but often leaves the face looking aged, Vytrus employs plant biotechnology to create a similar 'exercise effect' for the skin.

Moving beyond the traditional inside-out approach, Vytrus has adopted an "outside-in" strategy. This method targets the skin's external layer to initiate a deep, systemic response akin to the effects of physical workouts. By first activating the skin’s surface, we stimulate the deeper, muscle-like structures to enhance firmness and elasticity. This revolutionary outside-in method makes the skin respond as if it has undergone physical training, thus revolutionizing skincare by synchronizing the youthful appearance of both the body and the face.

Leveraging advanced plant biotechnology, Vytrus launched Baolift™ at in-cosmetics Global in Paris, a pioneering new approach to skincare by simulating a fitness regimen at a cellular level, enhancing skin's molecular mechanisms to deliver an efficient V-lifting effect and a rejuvenated appearance. Baolift™ is derived from sustainably sourced plant stem cells of the baobab tree. Bby mirroring the benefits of a physical workout, the new active targets the enhancement of skin resilience and vitality, emulating the effects and benefits of exercise without the need of doing any physical effort to achieve a 'Fit-Skin' .

This innovative approach to skincare aims to mimic a physical exercise for the facial skin, based on understanding the coordinated exercise response involving the exercise secretome: the Workout Factor. This is characterized as the key axis to harness the biochemistry of exercise and help simultaneously stimulate epidermal and muscular workout factors, promoting enhanced communication through the Skin-Fascia-Muscle axis. This new biological axis is a bidirectional communication network where the skin cells activate muscle cells, which in turn transfer exercise benefits to the skin through the Fascia (the interchanger).

Vytrus recently unveiled this innovative concept of ‘Fit-Skin’ at the in-cosmetics Global event in Paris. What were the first impressions from your customers regarding this breakthrough approach?

The concept of ‘Fit Skin” has been highly appealing, especially as it aligns with today’s busy lifestyles. Consumers are increasingly seeking high-performance products that deliver the significant benefits of exercise and sports, all without the need for physical activity or additional time investment. Baolift™ has been one of the few activesnominated for the Innovation Awards at in-cosmetics Global 2024, the premier international event for personal care ingredients. This active meets this demand by offering the skin-enhancing benefits of regular exercise, making it ideal for those who may not have the time or ability to engage in physical activities yet still wish to maintain a youthful and toned appearance.

What potential applications do you see for Baolift™ in cosmetic formulations?

Baolift™ is a 100% natural active ingredient from the stem cells of baobab (Adansonia digitata). Originated in Africa, baobab tree stands out for its mechanical resistance, long life and high nutritional value. Considered as a superfood in sports and wellbeing due to its substantial calcium and quality protein content.

Vytrus has pioneered a bioinspired cell training to obtain the Plant Workout Factor from baobab stem cells, delivering a potent molecular synergy. The resulting metabolome is extremely rich in exercise biomimetic molecules such as terpenes, polyphenols and high quality proteins, uniquely positioning Baolift™ at the forefront of biotechnological advancements in skincare as the “first skin workout”.

This active represents a significant leap forward in the integration of biotechnology and fitness-inspired skincare, offering  cosmetic formulators new pathways to formulate firming, strengthening and anti-sagging formulations for face, eye contour and body care with a sustainable solution based on plant biotechnology:

  • Products for a fit & shaped skin
  • Formulations to reduce under eye bags
  • Strengthening & toning formulas to reduce sagging
  • V-lifting treatments

As Vytrus continues to innovate, what future directions and growing demands do you see for plant stem cell technology and natural biotech ingredients in cosmetics?

The dermocosmetic industry is witnessing a growing demand for advanced delivery systems that can significantly enhance the efficacy of cosmetic ingredients. Addressing this need, Vytrus is exploring new frontiers in plant biotechnology, specifically focusing on the development and application of plant exosomes.

Naturally secreted by plant cell cultures, exosomes have emerged as a groundbreaking solution in our latest research. These extracellular vesicles are natural biological communicators, excellent carriers of information, capable of deeply penetrating the skin to deliver active compounds effectively. In cosmetics, we've harnessed exosomes from plant cell cultures, known for being structurally intact and resemble their mammalian counterparts, allowing the cross-kingdom communication, while making them ideal for cosmetic applications, providing more personalized and effective solutions.

Natural plant exosomes in biology unveil a multitude of applications; much like opening one door only to find a hundred more swing open simultaneously, these applications span anti-aging, wound healing, and comprehensive skin and hair rejuvenation. An innovative science already available to use and claim by our global customers in their formulations.

What sets Vytrus' approach apart in the market is our ability to fully harness the potential of plant-derived exosomes through our proprietary biotechnology platforms. This ensures high stability and enhanced functionality, while our emphasis on plant-derived exosomes' natural communication capabilities enables real biological responses in the skin and hair, making our products not just innovative but truly transformative.

As Vytrus’ understanding of plant-derived exosomes grows, we aim to transform the delivery of active ingredients in cosmetic formulations. This entails ensuring and develop more targeted, efficient, and sustainable cosmetic products and ultimately more profound skin benefits.

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