Givaudan is delighted to announce that Calice Becker, Vice President Perfumer and Director of the Givaudan Perfumery School, is the recipient of the 2021 Fragrance Foundation's Lifetime Achievement Perfumer Award for her celebrated career and visionary leadership in advancing the art of perfumery.

TFF's Lifetime Achievement Perfumer Award was presented in front of a global audience during a virtual event on 10 June 2021. Givaudan CEO Gilles Andrier commented: "I am honoured to present this award on behalf of TFF to Calice Becker in recognition of her enduring success as a perfumer whose creations have marked their era, along with her extraordinary leadership and dedication to the art and science of perfumery."

Linda G. Levy, President, TFF said: "We are proud to honour Calice Becker for all she has achieved in perfumery and continues to contribute to its future. Every perfumer's work is special; with this award we recognise those masters of the craft whose creations have made a significant contribution to the fragrance industry."

Calice Becker's creative success is exceptional in its depth across the United States and Europe where she has created such iconic fragrances as J'adore by Christian Dior, Intoxicated by Kilian, Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford, Dylan Blue by Versace, and Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger. She has received numerous international accolades, notably the French 'Médaille de Chevalier dans l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres' for her contribution to the arts through perfumery.

Accepting the award, Calice Becker said: "I am honoured to be in the company of the extraordinary perfumers who have received this award before me, and encouraged in my continued dedication to the future of perfumery. I wish to express my gratitude to The Fragrance Foundation for their impressive work in supporting perfumers and inspiring the world through fragrance.”

Calice Becker received her perfumery training at Roure in Grasse in 1985, leading her to Givaudan where she has passionately contributed as a perfumer for over 35 years. She was appointed Director of the Givaudan Perfumery School in 2017 where she leads the training and development of future perfumery artists. Calice combines her dedication for sharing her knowledge of creation as well as her constant quest to enhance the creative process, for example through the development of algorithms and creative interfaces for future perfumers. Calice has also been the President of the 'Société Internationale des Parfumeurs Créateurs' for more than four years, where she campaigns to safeguard the art of fragrance creation.

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