Givaudan, the global leader in Fine Fragrances, is proud to announce the creation of House of Naturals. This dedicated entity will further develop exclusive ingredients with a focus on consistent quality, craftsmanship and sustainable processes to meet highest standards. Our perfumers are the driving force behind fragrance creation and this new structure, led by Maxence Billas, will expand their range of possibilities. 

Xavier Renard, Global Head of Fine Fragrance, adds:

“House of Naturals reflects Givaudan's ambition to surpass the limits of ingredients mastery. With our future Centre of Excellence, Campus 52, that will be based in the heart of Grasse, we anchor ourselves in this territory where perfumery history and expertise converge. This new, creative innovation space is a milestone of our strategy, in addressing and anticipating our customers’ search for outstanding fragrances.”

Maxence Billas, Head of House of Naturals, says: 

“Our objective is to reach an unmatched level of uniqueness and quality when it comes to our scents, by combining our teams’ expertise and creativity. House of Naturals will embrace and find inspiration in pioneering technologies leveraged across various industries, in turn paving the way for unlimited opportunities.”

Built upon four pillars: Agronomy, Innovation, Operations & Perfumers, House of Naturals (HoN) leads the way in implementing structural and operational improvements, from field to fragrance.

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Agronomy – responsible sourcing and expertise sharing
Givaudan leverages its Agronomy department, which works closely with farmers and suppliers to share expertise and knowledge. Supported by its Sourcing4Good programme, it ensures that ingredients are responsibly sourced.  This connection allows the Company to have a direct impact on the entire supply chain, from the cultivation of raw materials to the final product.

Innovation – green extraction methods and blossom[lab]™
Our team of committed scientists plays an important role in the journey of innovation. They strive to develop new and green[er] extraction methods for creating exceptional and responsible ingredients. Additionally, with the help of the blossom[lab]™, HoN is transforming the way the industry creates new natural products. This platform enables fragrance experts to establish direct connections with the regions where they source the most valuable perfumery ingredients.

Operations – bridging innovation, engineering, and tradition
HoN produces and refines natural ingredients providing the foundation for its perfumers’ artistic creations. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Givaudan consistently delivers products that meet the highest standards and caters to the specific needs of its customers.

Perfumers – fuelling limitless creativity
The provision of extraordinary ingredients to perfumers is key in fuelling their boundless imagination. Our perfumers are involved in every step, from field to fragrance.

House of Naturals will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of fragrance creation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with natural ingredients.

About Givaudan
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