Elé Corporation, manufacturer of critical ingredients used in sanitizing products in a multitude of industries, including personal care and HI&I, is dedicated to acting as a responsible corporate citizen both locally and to our customers worldwide.

In recognition of our customers on the front lines of supplying sanitizers to the world, we are pleased to announce that, for all orders placed on or after April 3, 2020, Elé Corporation is donating 5% of the net invoice total on orders of the products listed below (used in the formulating of sanitizing products) to a charity of our customer’s choosing:

The donation will be made within 14 days of full payment of the invoice and receipt of the customer’s charitable choice. The donation will be made in U.S. Dollars in the name of, or on behalf of, the customer.

In our own community, Elé Corporation continues to support the public safety and health authorities by keeping in constant contact with their needs. We also continue to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, including providing sanitizers to them and their families. Elé Corporation believes in our communities and the power of the American spirit and American manufacturing. Let’s win this together.

About Elé Corporation:
Elé Corporation is a mid-size specialty chemical manufacturer that delivers greener alternatives needed to solve today’s most difficult development and formulation challenges. We manufacture everything we sell, growing our expertise and creating breakthrough products, and serving our customers better and faster. Our dedicated team of R&D specialists and in-house technical experts help you attain the utmost in formulation agility for today’s demanding and expanding marketplace.

Our product portfolio consists of conditioning agents, mild surfactants, foam-stabilizers, emulsifiers, emollients and humectants. We manufacture organo-modified silicones, amphoterics, DEA-free alkanoloamides, hydrogen functional siloxanes, hydroxysultaines, specialty esters and sulfosuccinates.


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