Coptis, a leader in providing digital solutions for the cosmetics industry, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a grand event on a ship along the Seine River last April 17th. This special occasion was marked by the presence of the international Coptis team, distinguished customers, and media representatives, all gathered to commemorate this significant milestone. 

"Our 25-year journey distinguishes us as the only player in the industry to benefit from such a rich experience, consolidating our position as a leader in this field. Since the beginning, we have remained true to our commitment to innovation, driving transformative change within the cosmetics industry." said Jonthan Coeur, Deputy CEO. 

The company emphasized its ongoing commitment to enabling R&D managers to effectively tackle their challenges. "Our core mission has always been to deliver solutions that empower cosmetic laboratories to succeed in an ever-evolving industry landscape, particularly in creating sustainable, high-performing products," Mr. Coeur explained. Coptis' digital solutions enable the development of transparent products that comply with the stringent standards of key retailers, global regulations, and consumer requirements. 

Adding to its impressive portfolio of innovations, Coptis introduced the integration of AI technology into their Coptis PLM system. "Through predictive analytics, our AI R&D program revolutionizes the traditional approach, evaluating formula stability before testing, thereby saving valuable time and resources while granting greater innovation in cosmetics product development," remarked Jonathan Coeur. 

The event not only commemorated a quarter-century of advancements but also reinforced Coptis' pledge to continue its journey towards delivering cutting-edge solutions to the cosmetic sector. 


Coptis is at the forefront of software for cosmetic laboratories and has been on the market for over 25 years. Coptis has offices in France, the United States and Singapore. Coptis has a team of 40 people, primarily in the domains of chemistry and computer science, who ensure the constant improvement of its products. This is further guaranteed by Coptis’ cosmetic expertise, its User Club and recommendations coming straight from the customer base. All improvements made to the software suite are integrated as standard for the benefit of all users, making Coptis a leader in the cosmetics industry. Coptis is actively working on cutting-edge topics, including artificial intelligence to further improve the performance of cosmetic developments. 

Its signature product, Coptis Lab PLM, is a cosmetic formulation & regulatory compliance software that manages the entire development of a cosmetic product, from the marketing brief to the regulatory file. It allows the cosmetics industry to efficiently manage development projects, reduce time to market, improve the quality and reliability of information and ensure product compliance with the regulations in effect. Coptis Lab is effectively supported by high value-added databases: 

  • Coptis Ing, a database detailing more than 17,000 cosmetic raw materials, developed through partnerships with manufacturers. 
  • Coptis Reg, a newly launched regulatory database, offering regulatory data on a hundred countries and more than 15,000 substances. 
  • Coptis Tox, a database of toxicological information on over 3,000 substances

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