Eurofragance, the Spanish manufacturer of perfumes, has appointed Diana March as Global Director of Sustainability and Technical Compliance to lead the company's sustainable development and confirm its commitment to sustainability. March will assume the direction of this strategic area for the young multinational, a newly created position aligned with the corporate philosophy and values. For Eurofragance, sustainability is a priority that plays an integral part in its decision-making process. Specifically, the company drives strategic initiatives around four main axes: safety, biodiversity, community and resources.

March, who previously worked at BASF Española, joined Eurofragance in 2017and, two years later, took on the position of Global Technical Compliance Manager. Until now, she led the sustainability strategy, supported by a team of people from different departments, while also managing Eurofragance's Technical Compliance made up of the Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Environment, Regulatory Affairs, Formula Management and Health and Safety departments. In this new phase, March, along with the sustainability team, will solidify the company’s commitment to sustainability with new initiatives and undertake key new challenges. Among them, will be minimizing waste generation and reducing carbon footprint, not only generated by the organization, but also from the collaboration with its partners.

In this regard, the company is working daily to increase the quantity of raw materials originating from sustainable resources. In addition, it is not only focusing on the quality of the raw materials it procures itself, but also on the sustainability profile of its suppliers. For a fragrance house like Eurofragance, it is vitally important to protect the natural resources that are so precious to the perfumery industry. Every year, the company issues—and publishes on its website—a Sustainability Report that tracks the organization’s progress and sets new challenges to meet.

For Diana March: "Sustainability is not a trend, it’s an unwavering surge. It is a bottom-up movement, where every individual wants to play a meaningful part and brings precious ideas to the table." With this appointment, the fragrance house reaffirms its commitment to sustainability.

About Eurofragance

Eurofragance manufactures and markets the highest quality fragrances for worldwide brands in fine perfumery, home, personal and air care. The company is a privately held B2B enterprise founded on family values in Barcelona in 1990 and currently counts nearly 400 employees.

Driven by a passion for perfume and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Eurofragance first grew in Europe and the Middle East, before taking on the Far East and the Americas. The midsize company is now represented on five continents; runs its own plants in Spain, Singapore and Mexico; and works with manufacturing partners in China and India.

Eurofragance’s international network of Creative Centers and outstanding manufacturing capabilities enable it to create and deliver fragrances around the world. Over the years, Eurofragance has cultivated lasting relationships and has grown hand in hand with its partners.

Eurofragance is wholeheartedly invested in addressing sustainability issues and its decision-making process is built around strategic initiatives supporting this cause. The company spearheads activities around four major axes: safety, biodiversity, community and resources.

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