MyMicrobiome, the leading independent certification body for microbiome-friendly cosmetics and textiles, proudly introduces an innovative and groundbreaking standard, the Vulvo-Vaginal Standard 25.10. 

Dr. Kristin Neumann, Chief Scientific Officer at MyMicrobiome, articulated, "The female microbiome undergoes continuous transformations and navigates challenges throughout the various stages of a woman's life. Hormonal fluctuations, hygiene practices, and medications can significantly impact the delicate balance of the female microbiome. In response to the escalating demand for intimate care products that respect the microbial balance, we are witnessing a surge in interest. Our customers seek substantiated claims regarding the microbiome-friendly nature of these products. To address these evolving needs, we have developed a standard that meticulously addresses both the vaginal and vulval microbiomes. This standard encompasses essential microbes for the vagina, including Lactobacilli, and skin microbes found in the vulva, such as Staphylococci and Cutibacteria. Our new standard 25.10 guarantees that the intimate care product is microbiome-friendly and respects the balance and diversity of the vulvo-vaginal area." 

This comprehensive standard is adaptable for application in both cosmetics and textiles. It is designed for various products such as creams, gels, intimate washes, lubricants, sanitary liners, diapers, and more. 

MyMicrobiome invites brands, individuals, healthcare professionals, and the media to explore the new Vulvo-Vaginal Standard 

About MyMicrobiome

Originally founded in 2018 as an education platform, scientist- and women-led MyMicrobiome expanded its services by the world´s only certification mark for Microbiome-friendly products in 2019 and by R&D services in 2021. Having tested more than 650 products from 100 global brands, MyMicrobiome represents the leading industry standard for Microbiome-friendly certification for cosmetics and textiles.


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