Lignovations, a pioneering startup known for its innovative use of lignin in developing sustainable cosmetic ingredients, has announced a partnership with IMCD, a leading distributor of cosmetics ingredients, to introduce LignoGuard® to the German market.

LignoGuard®, derived from upcycled lignin, represents a significant leap in eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetics. This collaboration is set to highlight the unique capabilities of LignoGuard® as an SPF booster, antioxidant, and stabilizer in skin care products and bring its multifunctional benefits to customers in the German market through IMCD's extensive distribution network.

LignoGuard® has already gained recognition from industry experts, receiving prestigious awards such as the Green Ingredient in-cosmetics Global Award, the Alle Award by Cosmetic and Toiletries, the IFSCC Sustainability Award, and the BSB Innovation Award. These acknowledgments highlight its excellence and innovation in the field of cosmetic ingredients.

"We're excited to introduce LignoGuard® to the German market," stated Victor Tibo, Head of Business Development at Lignovations. "With sustainability concerns on the rise, our product meets a growing need in the German market. IMCD is an ideal partner due to their extensive technical and commercial expertise in both skin and sun care."

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Lignovations and introduce LignoGuard® to our network in Germany," remarked Sebastian Dahl, Business Unit Manager – Beauty & Personal Care, Home Care, and I&I. "This collaboration not only enhances our skin and sun care portfolio but also reinforces our dedication to promoting sustainable solutions in the cosmetics industry."

Lignovations will present LignoGuard® at the Cosmetic Business event in Munich from June 5th to 6th and during SEPAWA in Berlin from October 16th to 18th. These events offer a prime opportunity for industry professionals to explore the benefits of LignoGuard® firsthand. 

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About IMCD

IMCD is a global leader in the distribution and formulation of specialty chemicals and ingredients. Their aim is to help suppliers simplify and grow their business operations through extensive local networks, market intelligence, and technical expertise. 

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About Lignovations:

Lignovations develops and manufactures high-performance biomaterials from lignin that can replace traditional, fossil-based materials in industries such as cosmetics, coatings, and packaging. LignoGuard® is a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient from upcycled lignin.

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