• Patented lipid encapsulation with well-balanced active ingredients to strengthen the natural skin barrier
  • A natural olive-based alternative to silicones for skin and hair formulations
  • Highly purified glycolic acid has shown itself to be beneficial in hair care products

Berg + Schmidt, the specialist in functional raw materials and cosmetic specialities based in Hamburg, will demonstrate its more than 60 years of expertise in oleochemicals at in-cosmetics 2020 (Stand No. Q80) in Barcelona. Above all, the oleo experts attach great importance to naturalness: the novel B+S product BergaCare FG Olive is a natural alternative to silicone for use in skin and hair care formulations. Other new items in the range include “BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide”, a lipid-encapsulated mix of skin-identical components for strengthening the natural skin barrier. In a technical lecture on the subject of GlyAcid®, Dr Sabilla Digel will present the latest findings on the beneficial effects of glycolic acid in hair care.

BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide

BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide is ideal for dry, aging skin and persons prone to atopic dermatitis.

Olives as an alternative to silicone

Cosmetics manufacturers that address their products specifically to environment-conscious consumers are seeking alternatives to synthetic raw materials. In order to meet the increasing demand for natural ingredients, Berg + Schmidt will show BergaCare FG Olive at in-cosmetics 2020 as an alternative to the use of D4 and D5 silicones. The product is a mixture of ester oils and unsaponifiable substances obtained from olives. The feel is similar to that of cyclopentasiloxane, and BergaCare FG Olive can be used as an emollient in skin and hair care formulations. The colourless and odourless liquid contains no preservatives or other additives and is biodegradable. BergaCare FG Olive can be worked into the formulation in a cold state and is compatible with the usual cosmetic ingredients. Moreover, BergaCare FG Olive offers consumers the same smooth and silky skin feeling as they are used to from silicones.

Ceramide complements the BergaCare SmartLipids range 

Berg + Schmidt is now adding Ceramide to its BergaCare SmartLipids range and exhibiting it in Barcelona. The valuable active ingredients help to create a stronger and healthier skin barrier. SmartLipids is a high-tech transport system for active substances in which the latter are embedded in lipid particles. These consist of a matrix containing a wide diversity of liquid and solid lipids that protect the active ingredient against physical effects and prolong its stability. Through diffusion, the active molecules leave their lipid matrix continuously when used on the skin and thus take effect over a long period. The lipid matrix itself serves to increase the skin penetration of the active substance and strengthen the natural skin barrier. Since the lipids adhere well to the skin, they prolong the release of the substance additionally.
SmartLipids Ceramide: natural protection against environmental influences

BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide is ideal for dry, aging skin and persons prone to atopic dermatitis. Consisting of ceramides, sterols and fatty acids, it is a mixture of the skin’s own barrier substances. The high concentration of valuable ceramides helps to restore the natural skin barrier and combats the loss of moisture and elasticity. The ready-to-use aqueous suspension is based on a patented technology and can be added easily to a formulation. All the ingredients are natural, odourless and white. The new Berg + Schmidt product will also be exhibited in the Innovation Zone.

Glycolic acid has positive effects in hair care products

On the exhibition stand and in a technical lecture given by Dr Sabilla Digel, Berg + Schmidt will present research results of its own to demonstrate why GlyAcid® is highly suitable for use in hair care, too. Glycolic acid is probably the best known and smallest representative of the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and has so far shown itself to be especially effective in chemical peels. The highly purified glycolic acid from the company CrossChem is sold in Europe by Berg + Schmidt. Thanks to a unique saponification and purification process it is free from formaldehyde and other harmful impurities. Experiments in Berg + Schmidt’s research laboratory have shown that the use of GlyAcid®has positive effects in hair care, too, in the form of easier combing, better temperature resistance and increased strength and gloss.

The technical seminar “The new hair care beauty routine with glycolic acid – GlyAcid® for beautiful hair” with Dr Sabilla Digel will take place on Wednesday, 1st April 2020, from 14:00–14:30, in Theatre 1.

About Berg + Schmidt
Berg+Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the independent, owner-managed Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. For over 30 years the group of companies has been among the enterprises operating successfully on an international level in the world of Food and Feed Ingredients and Oleochemicals. The eleven specialist firms under the umbrella of the Stern-Wywiol Holding Company produce a diversity of functional systems for food, animal nutrition and the oleochemical sector. Besides Berg+Schmidt, the dynamic group includes such well-known firms as Hydrosol for stabilizing systems, SternVitamin for vitamin and mineral premixes, SternEnzym for enzyme systems, SternLife for food supplements and Sternchemie for food lipids, in particular lecithin, MCT oil and red palm oil. All the firms’ activities revolve around applications research at the modern Technology Centre in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, where each of the specialist firms has access to the skills of the whole group through the Know-How Connection. Berg + Schmidt is at home in the oleochemical markets of the world, with strong presence and production facilities of its own in Asia, where palm and palm kernel oil are freshly produced and processed directly. The company has affiliates of its own in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and the USA; in Ouderkerk, near Rotterdam, it has a modern stainless steel tank farm with an integrated quality laboratory. https://www.berg-schmidt.de/en/


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