Lysofix™ is a unique pure lysophospholipid O/W emulsifier extracted from a non-GMO soybean source. Easy-to-use and cold processable, it enables the formulation of fluid lotions to creams with a silky and non-greasy skin feel. 

We have now new clinical results on Lysofix™ on soothing skin. Lysofix is not only a versatile and performant emulsifier, it has true anti-aging and now soothing skin properties! 



Inspired by our desire to give meaning to innovation, Color’Ethics is a makeup collection allowing the expression of our inner and outer selves: the perfect match between a desire to reconnect with the creative freedom from the 90’s and the respect of today’s ethical values. 

Building upon success of the Golden Age trend, our 5 innovative formulae establish themselves as daily allies. They embrace a green, clean and empowering beauty heritage as designed without controversial ingredients yet with sensory uniqueness, active properties, optimum color intensity and natural origin content. 

Drew Tinted Hydraflow: light tinted fluid with a second-skin effect for optimum comfort, radiance and protection! 

Halle Midnight Mascara: lengthening mascara for a spectacular voluptuous look that lasts! 

Angelina Cashmere Lipstick: gorgeous ruby matte lipstick with a long-lasting cashmere feel and that smooths lip lines! 

Vanessa Blossom Blush: soft and comfy powdery cream blush giving a delicate pinky shade and bright cheeks! 

Naomi Frosty Highlighter: bouncy jelly highlighter with a fresh and creamy feel, activating glow for dewy face & body! 

Now is the time to put on make-up while respecting your values! 

In-Cosmetics Global 2020, Booth S50 

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