Polytrade Global GmbH has a wealth of experience in the worldwide trade of over 25 years. The chemicals trade has long ceased to be the exclusive focus. In 2018, Polytrade set out for new markets … one of them, the cosmetics segment. The main attention was to new and innovative products such as „Neosilk Kollagen“, obtained from silk cocoons. 

Looking for further developments, Polytrade discovered the company Sopharcos. The intention was to encapsulate „Neosilk Kollagen“ in a carrier system to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredient into the skin. This project was the beginning of working together as partners and finally led to the decision to integrate Sopharcos products into the exclusive distribution of Polytrade Global GmbH. 

Dr. Gabriele Blume has worked in the field of dermal carrier systems for over 25 years. The focus has been on the encapsulation of cosmetic active ingredients in different carrier system. The developments resulted in several patent registrations.

In 2010, Dr. Gabriele Blume founded the company „Sopharcos“, specialized in dermal carrier systems. The basis was the development of two new types of carrier systems to transport active ingredients into the skin. One system is optimized for the encapsulation of water-soluble and poorly soluble substances; the other system is for oil-soluble active ingredients and oils. Both systems are distributed under the tradename "SopharTops" and are patented in Europe and the USA. A special advantage of Sopharcos is the close cooperation with the pharmaceutics institute of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.

 „The issue of the efficacy of the active ingredients in cosmetics is of increasing relevance. Our challenge was to find an answer to the question how collagen and other high-molecular substances can pass the skin barrier to ensure the bioavailability in deeper skin layers and hair follicles,” Eduard Albrecht, CEO of Polytrade Global GmbH, explains.

Numerous tests proved that the „SopharTops“ surpass traditional liposomes in their encapsulation efficiency and their intensity of skin penetration. Thanks to these favorable qualities, lower quantities of active ingredients can achieve the same performance. 

Picture: Cooperation between Sopharcos and Polytrade Global GmbH: From left to right: Eduard Albrecht (Managing Director Polytrade Global GmbH), Helena Bause (Product Manager, Polytrade) , Dr. Gabriele Blume (Owner Sopharcos), Dr. Serk Naymann (Senior Business Development Manager, Polytrade)

The portfolio of SopharTops includes products like green tea extract, caffeine plus, niacinamide, Q10, tocopherol, and collagen. In addition, customers can order the encapsulation of individual products.

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