Increased focus on healthy, clean hands is one of the positive outcomes of this challenging period. We are taking the time to wash our hands more often, a practice worth preserving. But for our hands’ sensitive skin, more frequent washing can lead to increased dryness and inflammation.

Hallstar Beauty has solutions for a holistic approach to hand health that begin with outstanding Hallstar products naturally-derived from olive oil, turmeric and aloe. Not only are these ingredients multifunctional, their butter or oil formats make them easy to formulate with.

Here are two great examples of hand care from Hallstar.

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A water-free formulation that soothes and hydrates dry skin, containing:

    • moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Biochemica©Turmeric Butter and Biochemica© Aloe Butter
    • Biochemica© Olive Oil for excellent hydration and spreadability
    • co-structurant Olivem© 900 to create a protective barrier on skin

The travel-friendly bar format allows for minimal packaging and makes it easy to treat your hands on-the-go.

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A rich, velvety, non-greasy formula, containing

    • moisturizing, anti-inflammatory benefits of all-natural Biochemica© Turmeric Butter and Biochemica© BioVera Aloe Oil
    • naturally-derived cold process emulsifier Olivem© 2020 for texture enhancement

What makes these Biochemica© butters and oils such perfect ingredients for formulating?

  • Biochemica© Turmeric Butter is a rich butter comprised of turmeric’s potent actives blended in a proprietary 100% organic butter base to deliver superior performance in moisturization, skin barrier function, and antioxidant benefits. This all-natural butter containing a strong active package of turmeric and bisabolol is a great addition to numerous skin care applications, providing proven anti-inflammatory properties from all-natural certified organic ingredients. Biochemica© Turmeric Butter quickly restores damaged, dry skin and is faster-acting and less greasy-feeling when compared to petrolatum.
  • Biochemica© Aloe Butter is a proprietary cosmetic butter developed for cosmetic use. It is an extract of Aloe barbadensis (also known as aloe vera) using a coconut fatty fraction which produces a soft-solid butter at room temperature that melts on contact at skin temperature. Completely natural Biochemica© Aloe Butter may be used for cutaneous dryness to assist in moisturization after exposure to sun and other harsh elements. It is essentially oil miscible when molten and contains no preservatives or coloring agents.
  • Completely natural Biochemica© BioVera Aloe Oil is a unique liposoluble plant extract intended for use in a wide range of cosmetics, soaps and toiletries. The organically-grown Aloe barbadensis Miller (aloe vera) is extracted using food grade canola oil. Biochemica© BioVera Aloe Oil may be used for cutaneous dryness to assist in moisturization after exposure to sun and other harsh elements. It is completely oil miscible and contains no preservatives or coloring agents. It is an emollient skin conditioning agent that can also claim barrier repair and anti-inflammatory properties.


Want to learn more about Biochemica© products like Turmeric Butter, Aloe Butter and BioVera Aloe Oil? Reach out to Product Manager Kristie Ford at

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