Chemster GmbH/Chemster LLC has announced a fall 2020 launch for its cosmetics creation platform, ozmi™.

The company, founded in 2019, develops digital platforms for formulation-driven industries, and ozmi is the first solution it will bring to market. The goal of the platform is to make it simpler and more delightful to create cosmetic products, so beauty brands can bring their products to market faster and more efficiently.

"Digitalization is coming, but there are still a lot of analog processes in the cosmetics industry," said Chemster CEO Udo Eberlein. "With ozmi, not only are we optimizing many standard procedures in cosmetics creation, we're also establishing a user-friendly collaboration platform for the entire industry."

A closed beta version of ozmi™ is currently being tested by selected companies in the cosmetics industry. Following this test phase, the platform will go live in the fall.

"We're bringing together cosmetics brands, distributors, service providers and other actors along the value chain," Mr. Eberlein said. "We're creating transparency and improving efficiency."

ozmi includes many innovative functions that aim to greatly simplify the search for ingredients, formulations, solution providers and partner businesses. The digital platform supports users through the entire cosmetics creation process with an easy-to-use dashboard, intelligent suggestions, available alternatives and informative content.

This allows users to efficiently develop the best possible version of their cosmetics vision, regardless of their previous knowledge, supply-chain disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances.

With ozmi, formulators can research and compare cosmetic ingredients, contact the appropriate test institutes and, if needed, involve more experts in formulation development–on one platform, in a unified formulation process.

"This makes ozmi the most efficient platform for formulation development in the cosmetics industry," Mr. Eberlein said.

The collaborative tools on ozmi enable users in the cosmetics industry to work with partners and solution providers. An integrated messaging system, user-friendly order process, and simple document sharing in a secure, GDPR-compliant environment makeworking together simpler than ever.

To ensure quality, fairness and security, ozmi lists only verified companies. Distributors and service providers can enter their businesses' profiles and portfolios, easily attractingthe attention of more brand owners. ozmi sends regular reminders to profile owners anddoes its own research so that this information is always up to date. 

"This way, brand owners and product managers can find the right partners for their needs, delightfully and fast," Mr. Eberlein said. "Along with our other features, this makes ozmi the most efficient, collaborative and user-friendly platform for cosmetics development."

About ozmi and Chemster GmbH
ozmi is a digital collaboration platform for creating cosmetics. ozmi's goal is to simplify the way cosmetic products are developed, so that beauty brands can reduce time to market. It is the flagship product of Chemster GmbH, a company founded in 2019 to support formulation-driven industries, starting with the beauty industry. Chemster is based in Mannheim, Germany, and San Francisco, California.
ozmi is a registered trademark of Chemster GmbH.

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