Azelis, a leading specialty chemicals and food ingredients distributor, won the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020 for Personal Care, for the sixth time in a row. Competing with 105 companies and 184 ingredients, the award was handed out for the advanced research and analysis Azelis did on Zinc Sebum™ by Novachem S.R.L. in order to meet the demanding market requirements for clean anti-acne skin care solutions. 

Highlights & rationale 

  • • The prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Awards are co-issued by Ringier Trade Media and Happi China Magazine with the aim to encourage the promotion of innovative and efficient ingredients. 
  • • The award criteria involve an extensive assessment and technical research and analysis of the ingredient’s safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness and sustainable character. 
  • • Azelis selected Zinc Sebum™, a multifunctional, natural and gentle ingredient with anti-acne and anti-bacterial properties, for its innovative characteristics and an excellent fit with the consumers’ need for scientifically proven ingredient solutions with a safe and eco-friendly profile. 
  • • This is the sixth consecutive Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Azelis China Personal Care, which further demonstrates Azelis’ continuous dedication to provide innovative services. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the series of natural and climate hazards that marked the beginning of the year fueled people’s attention towards protecting themselves, their family, and the planet. A desire for safe, transparent, innovative, natural and sustainable ingredients is particularly evident in the personal care industry. With social distancing becoming a new norm, there is more need for “me-time” and self-care as people would want to take care of themselves from their home's comfort to feel beautiful and to de-stress. 

This new lifestyle caused also major skin disruptions. On the one hand, stay-at-home leads to increased stress, environmental changes such as less exposure to the sun, and diet shifts, causing skin agitation. On the other hand, wearing a mask is also causing skin irritation and sensitivity, as well as acne. Brands that offer solutions to preserve skin beauty and health with scientifically proven ingredients, with a safe and eco-friendly profile, will have customers’ attention. 

This is why Azelis China sales and laboratory teams selected Zinc Sebum™ for the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020. Zinc Sebum™ is a naturally-derived ingredient composed of zinc peptide and four plant extracts that help treat acne, oily skin and redness. The ingredient composition helps target the causes of acne, acting pro-actively on the issue. It also imparts bactericidal and germicidal power in hands, feet and armpits. Zinc Sebum™’s clean multifunctional profile makes it the ideal ally for innovative skin care formulation, complying with all consumers’ criteria. 

Vicky Lee, Azelis China Deputy Head of Personal Care, comments: 

“This award is a recognition of our efforts to bring the highest-quality ingredients from our principals and suppliers to the Chinese market, coupled with our own high focus on innovation and formulation expertise. Our partnership with Novachem is also a testimony of Azelis’ strong interest in promoting clean and eco-friendly solutions. Our application laboratory is continuously screening our portfolio to ensure that we can effectively and innovatively meet the market demands and thus create new business opportunities. This all came together in the work we did with Zinc Sebum™.” 

Damaris Reynoso, Novachem Managing Director, comments

At Novachem, we are focused on the research and development of naturally-derived innovative active ingredients. We chose Azelis to distribute our product range in China as they offer advanced laboratory and technical support to customers, which is key to promote our portfolio. With great customer intimacy, excellent market coverage, as well as high professional standards, Novachem relies now on Azelis as a new partner to develop our sales on the Chinese market. They also, just like us, hold at the heart sustainability as testifies their second EcoVadis Gold rating. We look forward to many more success stories!” 

Jackson Chu, Azelis China Managing Director, adds: 

“I am incredibly proud of our Personal Care team. This sixth Innovation Award with Ringier Technology testifies to the energy that the team puts into innovation, market analysis, and technical expertise in general. Our partnership with Novachem started only six months ago, and Azelis immediately started to promote their range aggressively. This award is a fantastic demonstration of those efforts. Furthermore, having such a renowned partner with cutting-edge ingredients helps Azelis continually strengthen our leading position in the Chinese personal care market.” 

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards was initiated in 2006 with the aim to reward and acknowledge the Chinese market players that have introduced and developed a new idea, a new methodology, a new product or a new technology. In Personal Care, the awards are given for six categories: Innovation Technology, Effective Ingredients, Functional Ingredients, Production & Processing, Packaging & Testing, and Brand Honor Award. Azelis was awarded in the Brand Honor Award category. 

Azelis has significantly grown in Asia Pacific during the last five years, establishing presence in 11 countries and opening more than 20 laboratories. With 19 personal care application labs across the world, Azelis’ focus and dedication clearly lie in being an innovative partner to all customers and principals. This vision of creating innovation through formulation has brought Azelis great recognition of the market, and the Chinese Personal Care team no less than 12 innovation awards in the past six years, this Ringier Technology Innovation Award being the most recent one. In April 2020 Azelis acquired Cosbond, a Chinese specialty chemicals and food ingredients distributor, to reinforce its leading positioning in the personal care market, its customer intimacy and broaden its product offering with blue-chip principals. 

About Azelis 

Azelis is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients present in over 50 countries across the globe with around 2,200 employees. Our knowledgeable teams of industry, market and technical experts are each dedicated to a specific market within Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. We offer a lateral value chain of complementary products to about 40,000 customers, creating a turnover of €2.15 billion (2019). 

Throughout our extensive network of more than 60 application laboratories, our award-winning technical staff help customers develop formulations. We combine a global reach with a local focus to offer a reliable, integrated service to local customers and attractive business opportunities to principals. And we believe in building and nurturing solid, honest and transparent relationships with our people and partners. 

Impact through ideas. Innovation through formulation.

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