ATP is the universal energy-rich molecule used by our cells to perform their biological functions. With stress and aging, the production of ATP decreases and cells lack energy. For the skin, this means a slower renewal of essential components of the extracellular matrix such as collagen and elastic fibers, leading to wrinkles and skin sagging.

Rootness™ Energize, a new active ingredient rich in bryonolic acid obtained from natural and sustainable sourcing (the Plant Milking™ technology), demonstrated a strong capacity to reactivate ATP production in cells. On reconstructed skin epidermis, gene expression analysis by Affymetrix technique showed that Rootness™ Energize at 0.5% stimulates the expression of key sets of genes involved in the three main metabolic pathways: glycolysis, PPP and TCA cycle. Protein expression analysis on a 42-year-old’s skin explant treated with Rootness™ Energize at 1% confirmed these results. Furthermore, Rootness™ Energize improves transportation of metabolites via SLC25 transporters towards mitochondria, where they are used by the respiratory chain to produce ATP.

Further study on 44-year-old fibroblasts also revealed that 1% Rootness Energize increases mitochondrial maximal respiration by 111%, spare respiration capacity by +147%, and ATP production by +63%, thus protecting and boosting bioenergetic cell parameters.

With an increased level in metabolites and ATP production, cells are able to synthetize more components essential to the extracellular matrix. This was confirmed through ex-vivo tests:  immunolabeling and staining was done on a 42-year-old’s skin explant with 1% Rootness™ Energize, and showed an increase in the presence of collagen IV (that supports epidermis and dermis cohesion) and elastic fibers (that prevent loss of elasticity) after 7 days of contact.

Thanks to Rootness™ Energize wide mechanism of action, skin quality is visibly improved. Clinical tests were conducted on 20 Caucasian women aged from 45 to 55 years old, with a lack of skin firmness and describing themselves as stressed. They applied Rootness™ Energize at 1% in a formulation and a placebo twice daily in a half-face study. At 28 and 62 days, firmness, tonicity, elasticity and skin viscoelasticity were assessed. After 62 days, firmness had significantly increased by +20%, tonicity by +21%, and elasticity by +27%. In comparison, the placebo modified the same parameters by respectively +3%, +4% and +4.5%.

Sustainably sourced from the roots of Luffa cylindrica, powered with Plant Milking™ technology, Rootness™ Energize is an ingredient of choice for formulators who are developing new skin care products to support consumers who need to recharge their skin’s cellular batteries.

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