Knowing that cosmetic products are way better than what is spread in the mainstream media, active ingredients supplier ProTec Ingredia looked out for a novel attractive way to teach consumers and professionals on the numerous and complex processes lying behind the development of cosmetics.

An ideal partner was found with Julia Keith, owner of the Beauty Blog Julia opened her blog 10 years ago and has since become a renowned expert in cosmetics, both on a national and international level.

While social media provide a wealth of input on beauty and lifestyle products, consumers get to know very little about the science inside cosmetics. Consequently, the idea was born to create a new format, the „Beauty-Soap“, a serial story taking the viewers to the heart of the cosmetics industry. 

Under the column „Behind the Beauty Scenes“ Julia gives insights into the diverse aspects of cosmetics research and development with a focus on active ingredients. 

In an entertaining, yet professional and informative manner, viewers are taken to an algae farm in Brittany, learn how beauty innovations are developed, why sustainability and biotechnology are such a good match, how contract manufacturers choose their actives or how cosmetic actives are tested on skin models.

Twelve episodes of the serial story are online in German and English, and every month a new one is to come.

All episodes published are available at

About Profile Protec Ingredia GmbH

Founded in 1994, ProTec Ingredia GmbH is a privately owned distribution company based in Bergisch Gladbach near the city of Cologne. 

We distribute active ingredients and raw materials from our internationally renowned partners in the territories of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

Our services comprise the regular issue of newsletters on new products, concepts and technologies, trend presentations, the development of marketing concepts, the supply of technical, regulatory and commercial support, just to name a few.We serve customers in the Personal Care industry. These range from manufacturers of high-end prestige products to producers of mass market preparations and include numerous companies active in the field of contract development and contract manufacturing. 

We are proud to carry ingredients in our portfolio that respond ideally to the demands of the cosmetics industry. The product portfolio comprises active ingredients for the use in skin care and hair care, sun care preparations and decorative cosmetics. All of them are backed up with extensive technical and scientific documentation to provide optimum claim support. Many of the actives supplied by us have won innovation prizes for their technical or conceptual advancement allowing cosmetic manufacturers to launch formulations that generate new trends and gain maximum public response. 

Our esteemed partners are based in France, Switzerland, the UK and the United States, all of them constantly striving for products and technologies that constitute the trends of tomorrow.

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