According to Genomatica’s 2020 survey, Americans have been thinking about sustainability the same amount or more during the COVID-19 pandemic — and this trend shows no signs of stopping. As awareness and interest in sustainability continues to soar, what steps can personal care companies take to substantiate claims and achieve greater transparency?

Genomatica announced the launch of its sustainability impact calculator. The new calculator makes it easier for companies to quantify their greenhouse gas savings and accelerate an industry-wide transition to more sustainable products by replacing petroleum-derived butylene glycol with Genomatica’s Brontide natural butylene glycol. 

Brontide natural butylene glycol can slash greenhouse gas emissions by about 51% compared to conventional production and has the potential to:

  • Reduce global greenhouse gases by nearly 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year
  • Eliminate the use of 50,000 tons of acetaldehyde, a carcinogenic and mutagenic ingredient used in conventional production methods

The debut of Genomatica’s sustainability impact calculator coincides with the relaunch of its Brontide website. The fully redesigned site includes the calculator, a variety of personal care formulations and other new features. 

About Genomatica
Genomatica is harnessing synthetic biology to remake the world of everyday products and materials through the power of clean manufacturing. The company is developing more sustainable, higher-performance key ingredients for everyday products, using plants and waste rather than fossil fuels or other non-sustainable sources like palm oil. Genomatica has already commercialized products to make better plastics, spandex and personal care products, and is working on nylon, household cleaners and more. To learn more, visit

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