We know that being outdoors has many benefits. The positive effects of walks in the countryside have convincingly been proven in scientific studies. They calm us down, improve our mood and the daylight boosts our vitamin D level. It’s not always possible to enjoy nature to its fullest, however. Winter and local lockdowns mean that we are spending most of our time indoors. Wouldn't it be great to be able to enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors for our health and mood at home?

An effective skincare ritual blending science and nature is the perfect step to take us there. An intelligent combination of smart active ingredients and natural scents makes it possible to benefit from nature even if you are forced to stay at home.

A natural scent of bamboo takes you far away. Calming ingredients de-stress your skin and improve overall well-being. A vitamin D-boost provides osmotic balance. Postbiotics improve skin quality, skin’s immuno-competence and protect its microbiome.

Discover an outdoor experience…


Save My Day Velvet Touch Gel

1441 2 CLR NL 21 01 SaveMyDay

Staying indoors in heated rooms can lead to dry and irritated skin. The combination of three smart active ingredients provides skin with vitamin D like effects for an osmotic balance, homeostasis for improved well-being and a postbiotic solution to safeguard the skin's microbiota..


Time Out 2in1 Perfect Skin Mask

1443 3 CLR NL 21 01 TimeOut


This 2-in-1 Mask can be used either as peel-off mask or as cleanser. The purifying effect of kaolin has a positive effect on the skin quality. Leaving the formulation on the skin for ten minutes turns the product into a perfect mask for dehydrated and acne-prone skin. As a cleanser it will fight impurities and prepares the skin perfectly for further skin care steps.



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