• New partnership combines Polygal’s expertise in plant-derived hydrocolloids with Clariant’s deep technological innovation and formulation know-how in Personal Care
  • Focus on natural polymers that overcome formulation drawbacks of standard natural ingredients 
  • New 100% natural rheology modifier Plantasens® Biogum Tara

Stepping up for natural skin care formulations. Clariant and Polygal AG have joined forces to expand Personal Care formulators’ access to high-performing natural and readily biodegradable solutions for sensory and rheology modification.

The new partnership focuses on developing superior natural rheology modifiers to support brands in embracing consumer calls for skin care products with a smaller carbon footprint and good biodegradability.

Fabio Caravieri, Global Marketing Segment Leader Personal Care at Clariant, said: “This new partnership will be an exciting force in empowering natural cosmetic formulations. Renewable-based ingredients are key but effectiveness is crucial to their acceptance. With Polygal, we are looking forward to challenging common obstacles to formulating with naturals. Strengthening Clariant’s naturals portfolio over the coming years with plant-derived, readily biodegradable ingredients that combine excellent performance with superior sustainability. We want to equip formulators with both the inspiration and the tools to make the switch from synthetic formulation staples to naturals an easier step to take.”

Simon Diezi, Technical Director of Polygal AG commented: “Polygal AG has wide-ranging, world-leading expertise in research and utilization of vegetable hydrocolloids and natural polymers in industrial and food applications. Our comprehensive portfolio successfully supports customers in keeping up with consumer trends. We are thrilled that through our partnership with Clariant and their expertise in skin care formulation, we’ll help their teams explore and overcome barriers to the use of renewable, biodegradable raw materials in cosmetics.”

The new partnership has already answered its first formulation challenge. Launched today, Clariant expands its Plantasens naturals portfolio with ethical labels compatible Plantasens Biogum Tara, addressing the need for a better-performing natural rheology modifier. The new 100% Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) and readily biodegradable rheology modifier, based on food industry ingredient Tara Gum, succeeds in elevating the consistency and texture effect possibilities of natural skin care formulations.

It outperforms popular natural benchmarks through its thickening power and light, non-stringy texture to overcome traditional drawbacks of formulating with natural rheology modifiers. Plantasens Biogum Tara avoids the otherwise typical low viscosity, stringiness and unpleasant feel, achieving a superior smoothness in look, and a pleasant touch and application feel for natural leave-on skin care creams, lotions and masks.

Plantasens Biogum Tara supports formulators with a high-performing solution that not only meets the naturals trend but also ingredient reduction too, doing more with less. It is proven to thicken quickly at significantly lower dosage concentrations than with other natural rheology modifiers – up to 5 times higher viscosity at 1% use level compared directly to Xantham Gum – and formulation stability over a wide pH range is not compromised.

Through its formulation, end product performance and extensive ethical label compatibility, natural rheology modifier Plantasens Biogum Tara offers a package of formulation support for brands embracing conscious consumption and transitioning to bio-based, lower carbon footprint, readily biodegradable products for consumers.

For more details visit www.clariant.com.


Clariant is a focused, sustainable and innovative specialty chemical company based in Muttenz, near Basel/Switzerland. On 31 December 2020, the company employed a total workforce of 13 235. In the financial year 2020, Clariant recorded sales of CHF 3.860 billion for its continuing businesses. The company reports in three business areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis and Natural Resources. Clariant’s corporate strategy is based on five pillars: focus on innovation and R&D, add value with sustainability, reposition portfolio, intensify growth, and increase profitability. 

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