Author: Fanny Tanaka - Wesource Product Manager, Seppic

In an increasingly hectic world, consumers are switched on to adapt, cope with stress and find back their inner peace. A group of ingredients lately creates buzz in the health and wellness space: the adaptogenic ingredients.

Moreover, in their quest of better balance of body and mind, consumers give an importance to skincare. Then, although they are still niche, these superherbs slowly pop up in skincare jars and tubes thanks to their natural and holistic attributes.

One leading adaptogen in skincare is Gotu Kola “Fountain of Youth” in India, a little herb also known as Centella asiatica. Eaten as a green leafy vegetable or drunk in decoction, its leaves are praised as an adaptogenic ingredient for their remarkable properties of calming anxiety and improving memory and concentration.

Also for many centuries until the advent of Western Medicine, African traditional medicine (ATM) was the only available source of health care. The preventive and curative secrets of African medicinal plants like Centella asiatica have been transferred orally from family to family and community to community. Today, traditional medicine is still often termed alternative or complementary medicine in many countries. Herbal treatments are the most popular form of traditional medicine and 70% to 80% of the Region has used a form as primary health care (1).

At wesource™, Seppic’s dedicated brand for active ingredients, we ethically harvest wild Centella asiatica organic leaves within our sustainable supply chain on high plateaus in Madagascar in compliance with the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) and the Nagoya protocol.


From those leaves is extracted TALADVANCE™ (Cosmos certified and preservative free). With a composition in triterpenes & polyphenols close to the molecular content of the native plant Centella asiatica, TALADVANCE™ have significant effects on skin radiance & healthy glow and gives a smooth & supple skin with its action during day & night.

For a healthy skin, and in order to protect all biological processes, the skin homeostasis needs to be maintained & restored if damaged, our cells need to be resynchronized, and our skin needs to be protected during the day and repaired at night.

Many intrinsic or extrinsic factors in our lifestyle like a lack of sleep, bad diet and/or an overexposure to UV light, but also our genetics can desynchronize our cells & deregulate our circadian rhythms…

As a result, the skin loses its homeostasis making the skin rough & dull, lacking homogeneity, luminosity, radiance & even suppleness, which can affect the skin appearance and overall skin health.

New clinical datas with TALADVANCE™ demonstrates a significant in vivo improvement of +11%** on skin suppleness after 28 days with 2% of TALADVANCE™, additionally from its in vivo results on immediate & long term effects on skin radiance, after 30 min with 5% of TALADVANCE™ & after 28 days with 2% of TALADVANCE™ respectively.

A new in vitro model in chronobiology was also developed internally, to highlight the fact that TALADVANCE™ can resynchronize fibroblasts and participate in the restoration & maintenance of the skin homeostasis, and so restore the skin circadian rhythm when deregulated.

TALADVANCE™, an ingredient ethically sourced from Madagascar and based on the famous CICA hero plant, acts on skin homeostasis in order to reach the “Healthy skin you are looking for” and get a beautiful skin with radiant glow & improved suppleness.



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About wesource

wesource™ is Seppic’s dedicated brand to gather a global and innovative offer of 100 cosmetic active ingredients. Based on marine biotechnologies, botanical extraction and plant chemistry, these actives are unique by the inspiring stories they carry, their technicality and efficiency, and create solutions that truly empower Beauty.


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