• Crinipan® PMC green significantly reduces dandruff on scalp
  • Novel plant-based ingredient performs equal to conventional active ingredients like climbazole and piroctone olamine
  • Eco-friendly solution for use in various dandruff control and other scalp care products

In a current in vivo study, Symrise has found further proof that Crinipan® PMC green (propanediol caprylate) – its novel, plant-based anti-dandruff active ingredient – performs equal to conventional systems. The application of the ingredient compared to piroctone olamine on two groups of test subjects with dandruff resulted in a significant reduction of flaking with no difference between the two groups. A shampoo study at an external institute has yielded this result. It evaluated the degree of dandruff before and after a 28-day application of test shampoo on greasy scalp.

Previously, Symrise had already reported that Crinipan® PMC green can reduce dandruff significantly versus placebo and works as effectively as the established active ingredient climbazole. Current data from a shampoo study carried out at an external institute further emphasizes the effectiveness of the new product. As part of the test, dermatologists compared Crinipan® PMC green to the established anti-dandruff active ingredient piroctone olamine and applied identical shampoo formulas containing either one on two groups of people with greasy scalp. Both test shampoos reduced dandruff significantly compared to the base values during a 28-day study.

Crinipan® PMC green stands out with a very innovative micro-activated mode of action to target dandruff. The yeast Malassezia, known as one of the main causes for dandruff on scalp, activates the ingredient with its enzymes. Symrise has already demonstrated the effectiveness of Crinipan® PMC green in several in vivo studies before. Next to its ability to reduce flaking on scalp, Crinipan® PMC green has also been shown to support a healthy scalp microbiome and could improve sensorial parameters for the hair fiber, thus increasing the acceptance of hair and scalp care cosmetics by consumers. Crinipan® PMC green won two first prizes at the renowned BSB Award 2020 in the category Most Innovative Active Ingredient/Scalp, Barrier, Redness and the SEPAWA Innovation Award 2020.

“I find it exciting to see our innovation performing equal to those strong benchmarks,” says Dr. Steffen Nordzieke, Manager Microbiology in the Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients Division at Symrise. “Seeing theory confirmed in real life always serves as a strong motivation to look for alternative ways of solving old problems.”

Eco-friendly solution from plant-based raw materials

Crinipan® PMC green provides a unique eco-friendly option. Made by green chemistry from 100 % renewable raw materials, the readily biodegradable cosmetic ingredient fulfills consumers’ demand for cosmetics featuring natural ingredients that deliver effectiveness known from conventional products.

“For long, manufacturers of anti-dandruff shampoos have relied on the effectiveness of conventional active ingredients like zinc pyrithione, piroctone olamine or climbazole. Looking at the upcoming ban of zinc pyrithione in European cosmetics in 2022, we find it reassuring to see once again that Crinipan® PMC green works head to head with conventional systems, offering the market an entirely new eco-friendly alternative,” says Dr. Florian Genrich, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients Division at Symrise.

About Symrise
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