Composed of natural biopeptides purified to 95%, obtained from the co-product of a superfruit, the cranberry, PEPTILIUM® is a global anti-aging active ingredient. Sustainable and effective, it boosts complexion radiance and attenuates fine lines and wrinkles.

Target the three compartments of the skin

Due to their richness and their molecular diversity, the natural biopeptides that make up PEPTILIUM® have the ability to act transversally on several biological targets. The active ingredient thus acts on the various skin compartments:

  • - it reinforces the epidermal barrier function and boosts complexion radiance [1];
  • - it improves the quality of the dermal-epidermal junction and of the dermal matrix for an anti-wrinkle action [2].

A targeted transcriptomic analysis performed by SILAB has also shown that, out of 34 genes involved in skin homeostasis, 76% are deregulated during aging. Thanks to PEPTILIUM®, the expression of 81% of these deregulated genes is normalized.UNIFORMING THE COMPLEXION

[1] Tested at 0.5% on aged SILABSKIN® RE reconstructed epidermis, PEPTILIUM® significantly restores keratinocyte proliferation (synthesis of Ki-67: +86%) and differentiation (synthesis of loricrin: +49%), two processes indispensable for renewal of the barrier function.
[2] Tested at 0.1% on aged fibroblasts, PEPTILIUM® significantly increases the production of the collagen I network by 54% and therefore maintains matrix fibers functionally organized.

Radiance booster and anti-wrinkle

SILAB PEPTILIUM Anti wrinkle effect 350

Anti-wrinkle effect of PEPTILIUM® in Asian volunteer

As of 21 days of application, PEPTILIUM® tested at 2% in an emulsion significantly improves the parameters characteristic of complexion radiance in Caucasian (reflection: +12%; pink color: +17%) and Asian subjects (luminosity: +6%; olive color: -5%).

In the same conditions, PEPTILIUM® presents an anti-wrinkle effect in Caucasian (negative volume: -22%) and Asian (stage of crow’s feet wrinkles: -10%) volunteers. These radiance boosting and anti-wrinkle effects intensify after 42 days of treatment and are confirmed by a subjective evaluation: 100% of Caucasian and Asian volunteers consider in particular their fine lines and wrinkles to be attenuated.

A comparative study conducted by SILAB also demonstrates that the efficacy of PEPTILIUM® is more intense and more rapid than that of retinol, while having no side effect.

An upcycling approach


Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

SILAB got interested in a superfruit, the cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon). Used by Native Americans in traditional medicine, this small red fruit from North America is today considered to be a health food throughout the world.

In an upcycling approach, SILAB has specifically selected one of its co-products, the cranberry fruit press cake, in particular for its high molecular potential. The company prioritized a supplier committed to practices of sustainable development and implemented internally a specific eco-extraction process to produce the natural biopeptides purified to 95%.

PEPTILIUM® (Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit Extract) is a patented product, available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 0.5 to 2%). This active ingredient has a content of natural origin of 99% (ISO 16128) and is compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, China, Japan, etc.).


World leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients
SILAB’s reputation is based on excellence. An expert in skin biology and in the mastering of nature and biotechnologies for more than 35 years, this independent French company provides major names in cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry with patented and effective active ingredients.

The beauty of healthy skin
SILAB Cosmetics markets a catalog of almost 100 cosmetic natural active molecules, with scientifically proven functional properties complying with international regulations. They are recognized on the global beauty market for their high level of scientific innovation.

The care of compromised skin
SILAB Softcare, a department fully dedicated to the care of compromised skin, has a strong commitment to health. Intended for the dermo-cosmetic and dermatological markets, its active ingredients respond to cutaneous disorders (atopic dermatitis, acne, etc.) by reactivating the biological mechanisms of healthy skin according to three principles of excellence: Efficacy, Safety and Naturality. 

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