Our body’s immune system keeps us healthy. Our skin, being on the outside of our body, has a very well established local immune system. Whenever our health is threatened, our immune system will react. Not always, this reaction is effective. This is where our skin gets out of balance and becomes dry, rough and irritated. People have been interested in consuming products, which can support the body’s immune system, since decades. Probiotic yoghurts, drinks and supplements have been and are still booming. Consumers now understand that they can provide support to the skin’s local immune system as well.

Smartly formulated cosmetic products will be able to make skin healthier and provide support for the local immune system in the skin. This will help skin in improving its most important qualitative and esthetic attributes. Skin will become more robust, look healthier, livelier, more comfortable and better moisturized.

Since the 1970s, CLR has put large emphasis on supporting the skin’s immune capacity. At CLR, probiotic bacteria have always been an important source for cosmetic active ingredients with this focus. The probiotic bacteria produce postbiotic biologically active metabolites and even the cellular constituents which are released after cell lysis can have potent efficacy for skin.

Feed Me Biotic Skincare

1676 Morning Booster Treatment

Probiotic skincare is hot and this is for good reason. Active ingredients based on probiotic bacteria work and support skin’s immunological capacity. This cream contains two postbiotic active ingredients, which enable the skin to regenerate during the night. The damage, which has accumulated during the day, is repaired and the skin is prepared for the following day.

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Morning Booster Treatment

1674 Feed Me Biotic Skincare

Morning Booster Treatment is perfect to finish off your morning routine. It is formulated with four perfectly matching CLR ingredients: DayMoist CLR™, ProBioBalance CLR™NP, ProRenew Complex CLR™ and Vitamin F forte. The formulation is an easily absorbing serum which leaves the skin with well hydrated and balanced skin.

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