Due to its crucial barrier function, the skin is the body’s first line of defense against external threats like pollutants and allergens, also preventing against excessive water loss. Exposure to environmental aggressors as well as mechanical damage, like mask chafing or shaving, can damage barrier function leading to dry and irritated compromised skin.

Ethience Protect, a sustainable extract from the Brazil nut, reinforces the skin barrier.

Clinical efficacy

The investigations were carried out to address key signs of an altered skin barrier and concerns linked to face mask wearing and shaving.

On a panel of women impacted by mask-wearing drawbacks, Ethience Protect maintains a healthy skin barrier function and greatly improves skin hydration by almost 29% after only 7 days and by 52% after 35 days, counteracting the damage induced by mask friction.

Tested on a panel of men who daily shave, the visible signs of damage such as redness are reduced, leading to healthier-looking skin. Skin moisture is increased by 19% after 7 days.

Tape stripping was used to induce a defective barrier function. After only 3 hours, the active ingredient also decreased TEWL by 24%, showing a fast restoration of healthy skin barrier functions.

More resilient skin barrier

Ethience Protect acts on three important levels to ensure a strong barrier function and address compromised skin:

  • It boosts the lipid metabolism by enhancing the protective outermost lipid layer.
  • It restores the brick-like components and mortar quality of the stratum corneum to uphold a cohesive structure.
  • It strengthens the cytoskeleton of keratinocytes and supports cell cohesion in the viable epidermis, reinforcing the skin’s structure.

Ethience Protect Brazil Nut

Valorization of Brazil nut co-product

Ethical aspects and transparency of ingredient sourcing are key for consumers. Thanks to Beraca’s strong expertise and development of sustainable supply chains, the Brazil nuts are collected by local communities in Brazil, providing social and economic opportunities as well as promoting an important source of income for these families. Locally known as the Queen of the Amazon Forest, the Brazil nut is recognized for its high nutritional value. It is used by locals as a source of protein and for its richness in minerals and vitamins. The tree is one of the tallest and thickest trees in the Amazon rainforest and can grow up to 50 meters tall. The nuts are collected directly from the ground by collectors throughout the forest during harvesting season.


Amazon Rainforest

This traceable and transparent sourcing helps to protect one of the world’s greatest biodiversity – the Amazon rainforest. The active ingredient, containing polyphenols, is extracted from a co-product of Brazil nut oil production. This is an example of a residue-free production, as the waste from the process is sent back to the local communities as a fertilizer.

Protected by a pending patent, Ethience Protect offers an ethical sourcing, and quickly repairs damaged skin barrier function to restore compromised skin condition.

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